Here Come the Hawks… The Mighty BLACKHAWKS dirndl!

About 5 years ago my sister, Monika, and I went to a Chicago Blackhawks game for $8 (student ticket) with a bunch of our friends and we instantly fell in love with the team. As little girls we used to skate around at the summer haus on the frozen lake while my dad slapped around a puck, but we never new the logistics of the game beyond get the puck in the net. Over the past few years we’ve learned the players and the way of the game… but in the past 2 years we weren’t able to go to as many games as we would have liked because tickets became expensive and more difficult to acquire. But its all good… we just watched the games on tv.

But nothing is like being there! This year for Christmas, my cousin Steve and his wife Teresa got Hawks tickets for Christian and I and we were stoked! It was the only game I was able to go to this year. We had a great time and loved being in the Madhouse on Madison watching our favorite Chicago team.

But wednesday, June 6th was unlike any game we had ever watched. In game six of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Philadelphia Flyers, Patrick Kane scored in overtime to win the mother f*ckin STANLY CUP! After I got a mini champagne shower my friends and I celebrated until 1am (it was a wednesday… most of us had to work). But we all planed to try and get friday off for the parade and rally!

Getting up at 6am for the Rally, Christian, myself and seven of my friends went down to Michigan and Wacker for the parade. We stood at the rally site from 8-11 waiting for our team to arrive. We got to see the cup, our favorite players and celebrate with the other 2 million people who joined us downtown.

I was so excited to see my favorite player and “boyfriend” as Christian calls him, Dustin Byfuglien! Thats when I got a great idea. The Blackhawks Dirndl! Turn my Byfuglien T-Shirt into an awesome tribute to an awesome team!

This kickass red mini dirndl with deep scoop neckline, white and black lace up center front, and white accents at the hem is the perfect way to support the greatest team ever. This dirndl has Byfuglien’s name and number on the back and the black apron has the logo on the side and black and white ties.


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