Blackhawks back in Philly!

Immediately after the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup back in June, I got the idea to make a Blackhawks themed dirndl to celebrate the win! Coincidentally, the greatest weekend of the year, the Tag der Donauschwaben USA und Kanada was going to be held in Philadelphia. I made one for myself and my favorite sales women, and sister, Monika. And I thought there might be a few other people who would want one as well.

However, I didn’t expect to bring the entire team! I was so excited when nearly every girl in the American Aid Society Jugendgruppe wanted one! It was a huge hit in Philly and even the Flyers fans like them! We danced in them and if the Blackhawks players were there, they would have been proud of our preformance. It was a great showing and we all can’t wait to wear them again for the Oktoberfest season!


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