Staying… organized?

I hope one day I can pay my parents back… because i’m more of a human tornado than a daughter lately. This week has been a rough one, full of stress, sketches, shopping, spending, and sewing. To be completely honest I think the clutter in my work space is also contributing to my insanity. I try to put things back in their place when i’m finished, but what happens when stuff doesn’t have a place?

I think my mother has given up that I’ll ever be a perfect housewife and be able to keep a nice clean house, but then again who wants to be a perfect housewife… not me. I really really wish I had a ton of money to have my own studio space, then my bolts of fabric would have a place, I might not need to use my ironing board as a desk and my parents would get their love seat back.

This week I want to clean up, for really, honest and truly… but at the same time, I do have orders to fill, which is more important to me because I don’t get paid to clean… and this is why my work space looks like it does. AHHHH!


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