2nd Trunk Show

My second trunk show was a great success in terms of advertising and promotion! It was held at the DANK Haus on western and lawrence during their DANKtoberfest. I was able to reach an audience that is different from the usual Donauschwaben crowd. With the help of my sister, Monika, we set up a great display and were ready for the crowds at 7:00.

I displayed my couture piece as well as the Rainforest Collection and Summer Garden Collection.

In addition, I wore a piece from the 2011 Intergalactic Expedition Collection and displayed another piece.

I made sure not to leave out the very popular sports themed dirndln. I had Monika’s Toews Blackhawks dirndl on display with a binder full of other team sketches that i have been working on.

Although I didn’t have any dirndl orders from the show, I sold 3 headbands and 1 hair clip!

All in all, I’m happy with outcome of the show and am looking forward to the future.


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