2011 Collection Inspiration

I’m so excited about the 2011 collection. It has a dark elegance feel to it and that is something I love to play with. Sometimes I don’t get to choose what I am inspired by, sometimes it just happens. While working on the 2010 collection I would watch episodes of the Syfy TV show, Stargate Atlantis.
Not only was I hooked on the show, I was in awe of the costuming and the creativity surrounding the characters. It gave me the basis for the 2011 collection.

There are 3 main color sections in the collection. The first is light green, red and black. This color scheme is based on the main villain in the series, the Wraith. These are hands down the most bad ass aliens ever. They survive on human life which they suck out of you with their feeding hand… i know what your thinking… AWESOME! Whats even better is they have a confidence about them… they know how awesome they are. Their clothing is also one of a kind and was the inspiration for the use of a great red, metallic, imitation lizard skin that will be used as ascents and belts.

The next color story is black and grey. The series is full of dark and eerie places that they main characters go exploring and I wanted to bring some dark and eeriness to the collection. However the darks are paired with other brighter colors like blues and purples that are like little glimpses of color in the dark of space.

Which brings me to the final color scheme which is light blues, royal purple, and plaid. This color story is inspired by the space that the characters explore and they colors of their home of operation, Atlantis. Atlantis is an ancient outpost surrounded by water and sky. I would love to go there (if it were real of course). The style of these garments are also more structured and military-like as opposed to the organic and draped nature of the wraith inspired pieces.

All in all, I’m still in love with all the pieces of the collection and am so excited to debut it. However, I have been getting orders (which is awesome sauce!) but it gives me little time to create the new pieces. My goal is to have the collection available online mid March! Its a little eerie, a little elegant, a little menswear, but its all Rare!


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