Bauer’s Brauhaus

Back in September, while I was bartending for the American Aid Society Jugendgruppe at German Days in Lincoln Square, a young man approached me and told me that he was opening up a restaurant in Palatine and was interested in using my dirndls as waitress uniforms for the staff. I was super excited, but explained to him that the detailed hand work and some of the dry clean only fabrics I use would not hold up too well as uniforms for his waitstaff. However I also told him that I would be more than happy to work with him on a special design for the Restaurant.

About a month later I get a call that he is still interested and wants to get together and talk about ideas for the dirndls for Bauer’s Brauhaus. He said that he thought he might be able to work with the beer distributer and get them to allow him to use the logo on the dirndl. So I had the 3 beer logos screen printed onto the aprons and designed a simple 100% machine washable dirndl to match the Raderberger, DAB, and Tucher logos

And yesterday was the fitting! When i arrived in amidst the snowfall, I couldn’t help but notice how nice the restaurant looked from the outside! I walked in and I was even more impressed! It looks brand new, yet rustic and cozy at the same time. The medieval beer stein chandelier is impressive along with all the modern flat screens along the bar. It looks like a great place to hang out and eat some great german food.

The fittings went über well! Everything fit like a glove and all I need to do is take up some of the hems! I’m so excited for the opening on Monday, January 23rd and to stop by next week for some food and to see my dirndls in action!


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