An Excellent Lunch

Today my uncle Larry took my family out to lunch and he wanted to take us to Bauer’s Brauhaus so my family could check out my dirndls at work and the great atmosphere that new restaurant provides. Lunch was soooo yummy! BEST deep fried pickles I have ever had! The cheese curds were also really tasty. I think what made them so delicious is that they were battered and not breaded. My sister got the weiner schnitzel and she said it was great and the spatzle and rotkraut were also yummy.

Starting up a new business, whether its a fashion line or a restaurant, it takes drive, perseverance, and guts! Please support local business and us nutty entrepreneurs.

I’m so happy that Bauer’s Brauhaus was pretty busy when we went this afternoon and I can’t wait to go back because I know I will be dreaming about those pickles tonight! As tante Heidi would say… YUMO!

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