Arrival of the Dumpster and the Hole in the Floor!

Yesterday was the arrival of the dumpster! It looks super fetch in front on Lincoln and I cannot wait to find out how much it costs! But it is very necessary considering there is way too much garbage and they’ve already started tearing up the facade. 
No more ugly siding, just ugly bricks!

The newest addition

 They have also been busy framing out the new walls and bringing in the electric. We still need to get ComEd to come in and bump up the service to 400amp service, but its starting to take shape and my mom can finally get a betting vision of what I have been talking about for the past 4 months.

But of course, there has got to be something unexpected, and that would be the rotten bathroom floor. Its getting re-framed so no one ends up in the basement while doing their business, which is a very good thing… but also a bonus expense.

New hole in the floor!

What will the rest of this week bring… probably new surprises, but I’m in a better state of mind and I’m ready for anything (well almost anything)

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