HalllooooOOoo…. ?! Anybody Here?!

The past week was relatively uneventful for the studio boutique. Not exactly sure what the hold up is, but I’m sure there is a very reasonable explanation. There were a few changes, the most noticeable of these being that the front is… well… gone! On Saturday, someone e-mailed me saying they noticed lots of work being done and I was very surprised. All week I would stop by and look around.. HallooOOOoo?! Anyone Here?! nope… nada…

Where has the front gone? Oh, in the dumpster.

But the big window in the bathroom is bricked up! Thats new.

The biggest work was the installation of a new I-beam. Now that the beam is installed and the store front won’t fall in on itself, we can get back to work… hopefully.

Yay! I-beam! (its the long maroon beam near the ceiling)

Side note: as it being May 23rd, and the studio boutique looks like this… Opening weekend will NOT be June 1st-3rd. I’ll keep you posted on the date because… well… I have no idea when it will be. (less stress for me if I just go with the flow and not try to plan things)

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