Looking more like a store and less like a crack house

For a while there the front of the studio was completely boarded up and very uninviting, however… as of Saturday… we’ve got fabulous new aluminum windows and a very professional door! I’m so excited!! Its all starting to come together and the contractor said that the interior should be complete by the end of next week and the exterior the week after!

Front of the New Studio Boutique as of June 2nd
Looking out the new windows!

That means my job comes in… To save some money I’ve opted to do all the finishing myself meaning, floors, painting, fixtures etc. And what I have in mind is going to take me some time… serious time. But I’ve got a week to prepare, so time to get back to work… dirndls don’t sew themselves. (but that would be really sweet)

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!  

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