Studio Boutique Update

Not much to report… this week was pretty quiet. Lights are going to be put in next week and then I believe its our turn to get to work; starting with the ceiling.

The facade has also not changed at all this week, but it sure did change last week! I’m very excited to see the beginning of the Bavarian style store front. 

5051 N. Lincoln Ave
Everyday, people ask me, “So when is the studio going to be ready?” “When is the grand opening?” and the truth is… I have no idea. The contractor said that the interior was going to be complete last week and the facade this week, but its not. So I can’t gage when its going to be ready, plus I don’t know how fast I’ll be working either… I’ve never laid tile in my life, so it may take me a little while.
I’m hoping for an August opening, but we shall see… we shall see. 

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