Coming Soon?

As the summer slips away is almost comical that my initial goal was to be open by June 1st! I definitely underestimated how long construction takes and how many things go into making such a simple space turn into a beautiful studio boutique. So what is going on?!

Here’s the plan. We will be open for German Day, Sept 6-9 but it will not be finished. This is the busiest time of year and I just can’t focus enough time to working on the space. The final goal is to be finished and working in the space by Thanksgiving. “But thats almost 3 months from now!” – Yes… it is, but there is no way I’m going rush the finishing of the space that I’ve put way to much time and money into. I’m going to take my time, do it right, and make it perfect. We will have a grand opening party sometime in the winter.

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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