Grand (ish) Opening

This weekend is… GERMAN DAY!! German Day weekend in Chicago is 4 fabulous days of celebrating being German in Chicago and if you haven’t noticed, I love being German! So this weekend I decided its about dang time we get some people over to see the new Studio/Boutique. However… you guessed it… its not finished.

So I’m calling it, The Rare Studio/Boutique Grand (ish) Opening. We are going to pop-up shop in the space on the sub-floor with photos of the transformation (so far) and some great products. You’ll get to see a sneak peak at the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, find out whats coming up for Rare and hang out amidst the construction! The address is 5051 N. Lincoln Ave. which is two doors north of Winnemac. From the fest grounds at Lincoln, Leland and Western, you would walk north on Western towards the McDonalds and turn onto Lincoln Ave. Its about another 5 minute walk from there and we are on the east side of the street (your right if you are walking up Lincoln from the fest). We will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-8pm.

Fall 2012!

It’ll will be a fun way to see whats going on and then you’ll still be surprised on the actual Grand Opening Weekend. “When’s that?” – ya… good question! I have no idea. At this point I firmly believe that I need to take my time to ensure that its done right, I can’t rush it.

Trying to “un-squeekify” the floor

Thank you all so very much for your support and patience. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!!! P.S. We have a/c!

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