For the Fashionista and the Foodie

I’m very excited to announce that Rare and My Best German Recipes are teaming up this season to bring you the best of German fashion and food! Gabrielle, creator of the site, featured a great article about me and one of my favorite recipes that I learned from my Grandpa, Palatschinken! Among my friends there is always the constant debate… Palatschinken vs Palatschinka. Whatever you call it they are just plain yum-o!


What are Palatschinken? Crepes! or really zin pancakes. Since I was a little girl, we had them at home for breakfast with marmalade, syrup, or plain. But as an adult I’ve learned to enjoy them ALL DAY! And I just had them with Nutella and bananas and then Nutella and strawberries… o my… so good!

Am I making you hungry yet?

The key is keeping the pan super duper hot and lightly oiled. I actually use olive oil and I add a tiny bit before each one I make. I like mine really thin and crispy on the ends. I’ve gotten quite good at them if I do say so myself, but it never fails the first one always sucks… it breaks, its too thick, etc.

My Mom and the Palatschinken Master… Grandpa Jacob

For more yummy foods be sure to follow our Yummy board on Pinterest! Bis Spater… I’m hungry now, think some Frühstück is in order after all this Palatschinken talk!

Never a dull moment when I’m cooking!
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