Making Lederhosen Mainstream!

Lederhosen are a staple at Munich’s Oktoberfest and a fashion symbol of Bavaria. Last year I received multiple requests for some of the iconic leather pants, so I did my research and brought some in! I ordered black Bundhosen (longer… just below the knee) and grey/olive Lederhosen. I thought I’d get the bundhosen in mens sizes and and the shorts in women’s… but they came in more of a unisex size. The sizing wasn’t European, and it wasn’t really US sizing either. It was a bit of a mess… not gunna lie.

Lederhosen with Suspenders

Even with all the little issues, they were still very nice quality goat skin pants with detailed suspenders and fully lined. I had them with me on the road for a year and found that even though many people asked for them, not many were interested in buying them. I’ve had them for a year now, sold 1 pair, and I wasn’t about to sit on 50 pairs for another year. So I repurposed them! Making them into fabulous items that can easily blend into mainstream society.

I’m so happy with the way the new Lederhosen purses turned out and from the response I had last weekend lots of other ladies are also digging the new look!

Even more popular are my little leather bracelets. These are a cute way to bring a little “German-ness” to any outfit. Their wrap style look goes well with the current layered look and are a super light weight and easy way to wear.

Always trying to keep up with trends, but also making sure that I stay in business by coming up with new ideas and creative ways to turn what I already have into something fabulous!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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