Brrrrr! 3 Best Sweater Styles to Compliment Your Dirndl

I have spent many an Oktoberfest shivering and cranky because I was cold. Living in Chicago, I never know what the weather will bring, but I can always be sure that if its anytime between September and May… I’ll need to bring a sweater just in case.

But most sweaters don’t work well with most dirndls. I’ve been in the middle of the sweater vs dirndl battle for a long time and I’ve found the three best sweater styles to compliment your dirndl!

1) Loose, Light Weight and Relaxed Fit: Jersey knit draped style sweater works very well with dirndls. Sweaters like the Thrill Zone Cardigan, from, work great because they are open in the front which doesn’t hide the detailing. Many dirndls, including most Rare dirndl have lots of detail work on the front which is why you love it in the first place! Loose fitting sweaters are also more comfortable when wearing a puff sleeve blouse. Tight sleeves can leave your upper arm bumpy, lumpy, and just plain uncomfortable. That’s why I like my loose fit, draped sweater.

2) A Black Cropped Sweater: Cropped sweaters are not always easy to find, so when I see one I grab it! I wear my black cropped sweater most often and it looks very similar to The Dream of the Crop Cardigan (also from The skirts on most dirndls and all Rare dirndls start at the natural waist, so the cropped style is a perfect fit because the bodice of the dirndl and this sweater stop at the waist, making it is a simple, classic look. Left unbuttoned allows you to show off the details of your dirndl as well.

3) Big and Bold: Big statement sweaters are typically my last resort, but its a great back up plan. When I wear my dirndls and I know that I’m going to be really chilly, I wear something like the Rare Dirndl Long Sweater. This is a larger sweater that has its own little German details. Sometimes you can’t help having to cover up your dirndl… so my opinion is, if you have to cover it, cover it with something just as fabulous!

The toughest part about wearing sweaters with dirndls is getting a nice fit with the natural waist, not hiding the details of dirndl, or just staying warm! Thats why I love all three styles of sweaters to go with my dirndls. What is your favorite sweater to wear with your dirndls? Feel free to comment below, I’m always looking for more ways to stay warm!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 


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