The Most Versatile Dirndl Ever!

I’ve been waiting for so long to finally introduce one of my new favorite dirndls. The In Bloom Dirndl is a completely new way of thinking about a dirndl. Its lace skirt without a lining may be shocking at first… but not when you think about all the possibilities that it allows for! With so many skirt, blouse, and apron colors available, you can mix and match until the end of time! Take belts from your closet, use those cute black leggings, or bust out one of mom’s blouses for a little vintage flair. I’ve gotten so much use out of this dirndl and the summer isn’t even here yet!
Confused? Don’t worry! Check out the video to see how this dirndl works… and it only shows a handful of the endless possibilities the In Bloom Dirndl has.


All the choices may be overwhelming at first, but start small and expand. Start with one color group and go from there. Don’t see your favorite color? E-mail and ask about a custom color group!
Off-the-Shoulder Blouse
Semi-circle Skirts

Still have questions about the In Bloom Dirndl? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call!
 Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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