German Fest Secrets Revealed!

German Fest Milwaukee is just around the corner and we’ve got 3 secrets about the weekend you may not know. Long time German Fest goer, southern Wisconsin resident, and fellow Erika, Erika Hutz told me about a few fun things that even I didn’t know about!

#1) Niche Schnapps’ Garden: NEW for this year, located just south of the Main Gate, the Schnapps’ Garden Bar will be serving the official German Fest spirits, as well as traditional German Spirit Specialties from some of Germany’s oldest and renowned distillers. There you can enjoy some shelter from the sun, while drinking and sampling some great schnapps.
#2) For the non-beer drinkers: There are a variety of Schlink Haus wines served at select bars. And for kids and those looking for something non-alcholic there is the award winning Sprecher Root Beer that is brewed locally in Milwaukee!
#3) 8th Annual Dachshund Derby: “Every year it gets bigger and bigger and lately, people have started training their dogs for the race,” says the coordinator of the races. It is such a fun event that is super family friendly and is a nice change of pace from the rest of the events. Also not to miss is the Wiener Dog Costume Contest. Maybe Rare Dirndl should enter into the contest… if only we had a wiener dog!
Got other tips and tricks for the weekend? Comment below so we can share with everyone on facebook and via e-mail!
Also, don’t forget to visit the Rare Dirndl pop-up boutique at the south corner of the Marketplatz!
Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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