Our Best from German Fest

Last weekend the Rare Dirndl team and I had a great time at German Fest Milwaukee despite the unusually chilly weather. We had to cover up our dirndl with sweaters, but we enjoyed listening to the music, eating the wonderful food and talking to so many great people!

The top selling dirndl last weekend was the Wicked Garden Dirndl. This edgy, fashion forward dirndl caught the eye of so many people and the smiles on those who tried it on were priceless! One of our customers said “I know I have gym shoes on… but I don’t want to take it off!” And she didn’t… that’s one of the fabulous things about getting a dirndl at German Fest, you can try it on and walk out of the dressing room and onto the dance floor!

The top selling blouse for the weekend was the blouse that is paired with the Wicked Garden dirndl, the Sweetheart Blouse with Chain Sleeves. There are only a few left and they are going quick, so don’t forget to grab yours before they are gone! Since it’s all black it can easily be worn with many dirndl styles and the chains make it not only elegant, but edgy and modern as well.

We only make our blouses and dirndls in small batches which make them exclusive and if we sell out, for most styles, that’s it. For example, I have no more chain to make the Sweetheart Blouse with Chain Sleeves… so once the little bit of stock we have left is gone, it’s gone.

Thanks so much to everyone who came by our pop-up boutique last weekend and don’t forget, the new Nevermore collection will be released on August 19th! Monika and I were sporting some new pieces last Saturday!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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