Oma’s Three Best Fall Trends

Fall is upon us and so are the fabulous fall fashions! What’s new and fresh this year? I asked Grandma Rosina for her top 3 fashion trends for this season and here is what she said.

Maxi Skirts
Whats your first favorite new trend Grandma?

“Long maxi skirts! I love long skirts… you know that! I always have, so I am so excited that they are back. I see them in every magazine and in every store. I hope they stay in style because I could wear my long skirts every day!”

Going Green

What is this fall’s must have color?

“Green! Forest green, khaki green, olive green, kelly green… any kind of green. Whether it is a bag, shoes, or clothes; fall is all about green this year”

Long Chains and Spikes

What else have you been seeing a lot of?

“Long chain necklaces are very fashionable at the moment, so I can’t wait to bring some of my old chains out and wear them.

Spikes are also in right now! But you know that… you have spikes and spiked fringe all over your new fall/winter collection and I love it!”

Thanks Grandma Rosina!!! Those are 3 great fall fashion trends that I will definitely keep in mind as the season progresses. Wanna see how I used spikes in my line? Check out “The Pit and The Pendulum” Dirndl and let you know what you think on Facebook!

Until next time!

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