*Video* Small Business Saturday with Rare Dirndl!

Black Friday gets a lot of attention, but I’m more excited about Small Business Saturday and the fact that it coincides with our 1 year anniversary! (approximately) So, In honor of of that, I’ve put together a quick video featuring the evolution of the now Rare Dirndl Design Studio. See how it went from real drab to super fab in less than 5 minutes!

On Saturday November 30th, we will be open from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Come early to get the best selection of our new winter items such as the Loose Knit Scarves, Slouchy Hat with Peacock Feathers, Lederhosen Bow Bracelet, and my personal fav the new Ushanka with Lederhosen Details (Russian Style Hat)

Ok… so the studio will be open on saturday, but my favorite part is that there will be a German style breakfast from 10-12… wurst, käse, semmel, eier …. omg yum (you should come early otherwise I might eat it all! I’m getting hungry just typing this!)
And there’s more!! Starting on Black Friday (which i’m not particularly a fan of, but everyone keeps asking me if i’m doing something for it… so i’m going to start by calling is Schwarz Freitag… anyway) I’m giving away a Rare Tote bag packed full of goodies!
Inside the tote will be:
  •  A Rare Dirndl Sticker
  • A Germany Scarf
  • An adorable Children’s Beret
  • A New Lederhosen Bracelet
Thats a $60 value and it can be yours when you spend $100 with Rare Dirndl anytime between Schwarz Freitag and Cyber Montag (while supplies last)

So thats about it, so much going on… I better got to work making all the things I’m going to give away to you for free 😉

 Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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