Combining Your Passions: Family, Dirndls, & Yoga

Let’s back track a little to New Year’s Resolutions… can you say intimidating? I’ve never been good at New Year’s resolutions and by never, I mean that I used to make a resolution and then forget what it was, so then I just stopped making them. However, this year I am going to make a resolution… keep practicing yoga! (In all honesty it is to reach my business goals and live each day to be the best me I can be… but I honestly feel that practicing yoga on a regular basis is really helping me do that, so I’m simplifying it). My sister introduced me to yoga in early November, when she started her teacher training, and now I’m hooked! In lieu of a Customer Spotlight this month, I’m going to tell her story!

The Most Awesome Sister Ever!
Want that dirndl? There is one left (
Monika and I were always very close and when she moved up into the Jugendgruppe, we became even closer. Although high school and the Jugendgruppe were keeping her busy, she really wanted to have something else to do. Like me, sports weren’t of interest, so when my cousin opened her business, Balance Healing Center, and joined forces with a yoga instructor… she became very intrigued.
She was officially introduced to yoga in 2005 and quickly found her true passion. She bought herself The Big Book of Yoga, and each night she went into her bedroom and practiced yoga. While I was sewing, working on college projects and collections, she was upstairs practicing Locust pose, Head Stands, Wheel and Mermaid pose. When our high school added a Yoga class that could be taken instead of gym, Monika was the first to sign up. Soon, she was assisting the teacher and even teaching the class on occasion!
College life took her away from her practice for a while. However, after graduation Monika stopped dancing with the jugendgruppe and she was working as the assistant manager of Buckle, but she really felt like there was something missing in her life. She was yearning for a community to be a part of again… and then she found CorePower Yoga in February 2013.

She instantly fell in love with Vinyasa flow and felt like she had found a wonderful community amongst her fellow CPY yogis. She realized that yoga was the missing piece! She quickly completed her 200hr Power Teacher Training in December 2013 and will soon be teaching, sharing her practice with others, her students (myself included!). She hopes to help her students discover their inner-awesomeness and take their yoga practice “off the mat” and into everyday life.

She is still my go-to girl for Rare Dirndl sales advice, trend forecasting, and accessorizing, but now since introducing me to yoga, she is also teaching me to be more peaceful, focused, and strong. I’m BEYOND proud of my little sister! She’s my best friend and I am so happy that she has found her passion again. I also love that she continues to deepen her practice and combine her loves: family, yoga… and dirndls!

Check out Monika at work for Rare Dirndl during the Spring/Summer 2014 Photo Shoot
Rare Logo Headband

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