Behind the Scenes: Let’s Think Spring!

I don’t know about you, but this past month has brought miserable cold weather to the mid-west… and I’m over it! I am very ready for spring… and very excited to talk about the Rare Dirndl Spring/Summer 2014 photo shoot!

Photo Bomb!!

Inspired by camping and the beauty of calm nature… I did not want to have the photo shoot inside, so I had to finish sewing the samples asap, so we could have the shoot while it was still nice outside. Well… kinda nice… by the end of the day it wasn’t “a little chilly in the shade” anymore, it was just cold. But our models were troopers! They both pretended that it was summer outside and smiled like they were having a great time.

I saved the best shot for last… the canoe! The final shots turned out great and I am very happy with how they turned out, but getting those shots were no easy feat.
* 1st it was cold and windy… the morning was actually really beautiful outside, but in the late afternoon on the lake, it was windy and chilly!
* 2nd there was the fact that they were on the water battling the wind and the waves and
* 3rd, my poor photographer/dad kept getting water inside his boots, and that water is real COLD!


All in all the look was accomplished! Calm, relaxing, and easy going

I’m really excited about this new look and I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes video from the Spring/Summer photo shoot.

The new Day at the Lake Collection will be arriving on our online store at the end of February and that little promise of spring can’t get here soon enough!

The Rare Dirndl Team!
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