For the Love of Germany, this is a Busy Week!!

Somehow this week has suddenly become one of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had! I’m working like crazy getting all the production for Spring/Summer in motion and sewing custom orders, but an opportunity presented itself and I took it… I’m heading to NYC baby! Today (Tuesday) and Wednesday, I’ll be in New York sourcing fabric and taking a few seminars on textiles, marketing, production etc. I’m so exited to experience the d.g. expo for the first time, but I’m also a tad nervous… but I’m not one to back down because of nerves (for the most part 😉

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi start on Thursday this week and I’m soooo excited. I love watching the Olympics, maybe because I have no athletic abilities and I find every aspect of the events fascinating and incredibly impressive. I love hearing all the athletes back stories and learning where they come from. As an American I gotta root for Team USA, but all that aside, I love to cheer on countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland! My ancestors are from Germany, my grandparents lived in Austria for a few years and my boyfriend’s dad is from Switzerland so we cheer for them all!! GO TEAMS!

And then on Friday… I’ll be accompanying Jason Bauer, chef and owner of Bauer’s Brauhaus on the Mancow Morning show! Myself, Samantha and my bf Nikki will be sporting our Rare Dirndls on TV. So, we will be on MY50 Chicago between 6-8am on Friday morning! Can’t believe it!

What a crazy busy week! But you better believe that for all these events, I’ll be wearing Rare Dirndl items all week. For the dg expo, I’m bringing my accessories like lederhosen bracelets and scarves. For the Olympics I’ll be sporting my Germany scarf and maybe the In Bloom Dirndl in Germany colors and then on Friday, for the Mancow show, I can’t decide between “The Raven” Dirndl or “The Pit & The Pendulum” Dirndl… you’ll have to watch and find out what I wear!

 Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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