Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – Edelweiss Clip!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and usually I’m a big fan of the gift that never fails… a Big HUG! But this year I felt that all the women in my family have been extra supportive and extra fabulous and deserving of more than just a good ol’ fashioned hug. I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve honestly decided to give them all an Edelweiss Clip!

Check out this quick video of how I make these fab little accessories as well as all the unique ways to wear it!

I decided to give the clips to my mom and grandmothers this year, not because I make them, but because it’s a simple gift that goes a long way! Here are just a few ways you could wear the clip:

  • On a scarf (like I did pretty much all winter)
  • On a bouquet of flowers
  • On a teddy bear
  • On a hat
  • On a grumpy cat
  • On a purse
  • On shoes
  • On a bottle of wine
  • As a ring
  • On your coat
  • In your hair

I could really go on and on! At only $9 for a fabric Edelweiss and $18 for a Leather Edelweiss it is perfect on it’s own or paired with another little gift.

Click HERE to get your own Edelweiss Clip or to order one for your Mom, Oma, Aunt, Cousin, Sister or any other mother in your life! They’re going to love it! I can’t wait to see my Oma’s face when I give her the clip. I hope she likes it as much as my boyfriends Great Aunt did when I gave it to her while we were in Basel, Switzerland.

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One thought on “Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – Edelweiss Clip!

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