Best Way to Wash the Edelweiss Cut-Out Tee

Candice asked yesterday “Erika… What is the best way to wash my Edelweiss Cut-Out Tee?” That’s a fabulous question and I’m sure other people have that question too, so here is the answer for all to see!

The Edelweiss Cut-Out Tee is a pre-washed 100% cotton shirt with a hand cut boat neckline, screen printed Rare Dirndl Edelweiss Logo on the front and a large edelweiss cut-out on the back.

It’s a super comfortable shirt for over a bright tank, bathing suit or nothing at all (if your feeling bold)! It is a delicate shirt since it has a bunch of strategically placed holes, so you might be nervous to wash it, but not to fear, I’ve written it out step-by-step care instructions for your Edelweiss Cut-Out Tee. 

  1. Put your shirt into a mesh delicates bag that you would usually use for fancy schmancy undies, bras or stuffed animals (I’m not the only one that washes stuffed animals right?)
  2. Wash on a regular cycle with like colors, or on a delicate cycle if you can.
  3. Either lay it flat to dry, or you can put it in the dryer on the low/delicate setting.
  4. Once it comes out of the dryer, you might think it looks stretched out, but it’s not… it’s perfectly fine. You might want to considering ironing it since the cut edges of the shirt will curl a bit. However, it’s not necessary (depends on your personal style and if your super German and have an unnatural love for ironing)
Thats it folks, easy peasy!
If you don’t have an Edelweiss Cut-Out T-shirt… now that you know how to clean it, you should get one! Click here to get yours before they’re gone (only 4 smalls left). If you have more questions please feel free to comment below!
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