Restaurant Review: Kiko’s Meat Market

When I moved into the Lincoln Square area, I was immediately intrigued by a small restaurant on the corner of our block, Kiko’s Market and Restaurant. Although, Kiko’s is a Bosnian restaurant, so much of the menu is familiar to me since I’m of Donauschwaben descent. I decided to do my next restaurant review on Kiko’s since I think the food is slightly similar to German food and I was craving my favorite dish this afternoon ūüėČ

The atmosphere in Kiko’s is very unique. It is a family owned restaurant that has been serving Bosnian food since 2003. When you first walk into the restaurant it’s glaringly obvious that this is a hot spot for Chicago Serbians. Most people will look at you with those, “I don’t know you‚Ķ what are you doing here” eyes, but once you are seated (in the summer there is a lovely outdoor area) the strange looks subside and everyone continues to speak in their native language to their family and friends.

My first experience was ordering take out with my dad while we were doing construction in the studio, but my second was a really great one. My boyfriend and I met my parents there to celebrate my dad’s birthday and we were on a mission to try a variety of things. Before we ordered we were served fresh baked bread served with two spreads. One was¬†ajvar, a veggie spread made from eggplant, roasted red peppers and garlic‚Ķ it was incredible and I was concerned that I would fill up on bread, but considering the other spread was¬†kajmak, a salty/buttery cheese spread‚Ķ I was ok with filling up on bread. Soooo good, and really unique‚Ķ both things I’ve never tasted before.
Pastrmka na Ňĺaru in my own kitchen!

For dinner, my mom couldn’t pass up the Sarma and my dad was more than excited about the¬†GulaŇ° (we figured it was like goulash), Christian had wiener schnitzel and I had the Pastrmka na Ňĺaru (rainbow trout). This dish was noted as being a favorite on the menu and I love fish, so I figured it had to be good. It turned out to be a whole roasted trout served with rice (or fries) and krautsalat. Luckily, ever since my trip to Ghana, I’ve had a love affair with fish served whole‚Ķ so this dish looked AHmazing! And it tasted amazing too! It came with an intense garlic/parsley oil (super tasty, but √ľber garlicky) and it was simply delicious, I don’t really know how else to describe it! The fries were pretty good and the krautsalat tasted just like Oma’s!

I also tasted everyone else’s food (duh!) and the sarma was very similar to my Oma’s however, the goulash was different, but still really good. The schnitzel tasted like schnitzel‚Ķ but I was more obsessed with my fish and the bread!
In the market waiting for my take out

Tonight, I decided to order for pick up (for no other reason than I was too comfy in my sweatpants to put real pants on). I again ordered by favorite fish dish, but this time I got to enjoy it in my own kitchen. When you order for take-out, you have to pick it up in the market section. It’s a little market where you can get Bosnian specialties and I indeed got some for myself! I got a jar of ajvar, fresh made kajmak, and some chocolate (including a Kinder Bueno‚Ķ my all time fav).

If you want delicious food that has slight German undertones and you’re looking for something different than the typical sauerbraten and schnitzel, but you don’t mind being treated a bit like an outsider, I highly recommend¬†Kiko’s Market and Restaurant.
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