Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight: Cathy Kling

Cathy Kling – West Harrison, IN

My love for Oktoberfest celebrations started when my family would gather in Minster, Ohio for their annual event. My ancestors on my mother’s side originated in Prussia.

When I met my now husband, David (whose ancestors came from Germany in the 1800’s and settled in Cincinnati Ohio) it became apparent we were a good match.
David and I have made it our mission to seek out and attend every Oktoberfest within the greater Cincinnati area (Germania being our favorite!) We have been to Frankenmuth, Michigan and hopefully Munich one day! With that being said, we decided what better time and place to get married but at our own Oktoberfest with family and friends, and since the original event started with a wedding between Prince Lugwig and Princess Therese in 1810… we thought what a great idea!!

Now came the difficult task in finding the perfect dirndl. I searched many websites with little to no interest on what I found. Until one day I came across the Rare Dirndl website and I finally found what I had been searching for, the perfect dirndl aka “The Pit and The Pendulum Dirndl”!  It was truly an Aha moment!! I loved it and so did David. That design was everything that I was looking for and I received many compliments on our wedding day.

Our wedding was truly a wonderful day and I’m so glad I found that dirndl! (and I’ve already got my eye on another)

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