What an AHmazing world cup! Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my best friends and some of the biggest Germany Fussball fans I know. Watching the game with them was so much fun and celebrating the big Germany win was even better! Schnapps all around!!!

But one of my favorite things about this world cup is that I was able to track Germany’s trip to the top with the In Bloom Dirndl in the Design Studio windows! Check out how the In Bloom Dirndl was able to represent so many countries in 1 month as well as be the last one standing!

Start out with the Group of Death!
Game 1- Germany vs Portugal: 4-0 WIN
Game 2 – Germany vs Ghana: 2-2 TIED
Game 3 – Germany vs USA: 1-0 WIN

Game 4 – Germany vs Algeria: 2-1 WIN
Game 5 – Germany vs France: 1-0 WIN
Game 6/Semi-finals- Germany vs Brazil
(we all remember this score): 7-1 WIN!
Game 7/FINALS – Germany vs Argentina: 1-0 WIN!

It was an incredible thing to watch and last night (Sunday) my Facebook newsfeed was flooded with things like this:

Sooo much Germany love going around and I intend to help continue to spread it with the current window display! Not only are the In Bloom Dirndl and In Bloom Vest in the window but also the Limited Edition “Weltmeister” Dirndl! 

I’m in love with the Bright Yellow/Gold Dirndl (like the World Cup itself) with the German Flag screen printed cotton apron and red and black ribbon lace up bodice. For the window display, I paired with a black off-the-shoulder blouse with gathers but it can be worn with just about any blouse, including the new Blouslette on hot summer days!

Click here to pre-order yours today for only $249! Also use coupon code: GERMANY2014 to get FREE Shipping and a FREE Germany Scarf! (expires July 20, 2014)
While I’m sad that I don’t get to stream anymore Germany games in the studio while I work, I couldn’t be more proud of my heritage and the team that is putting that 4th star on the jersey!

YAY! Deutschland!

 Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 


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