From the Runway to Oktoberfest to Every Day… Dirndls are Here to STAY!

Bridesmaid Dirndls from a Wedding in June

As an avid dirndl wearer, I find myself in situations where I can get some funny looks from people at times… like in the grocery store, filling my car up with gas, or walking down the street. However, every year, Americans are becoming more and more enamored with Okotberfest and all things German.  It’s clear to me that with over 16 Oktoberfest celebrations in the city of Chicago alone, wearing dirndls is becoming more mainstream. (And that’s very exciting!!)

Not only are dirndls being seen more at smaller local Oktoberfests, but also on the runway. The latest Spring 2015 Collection by Givenchy, recently seen on the runways in Paris, is very clearly inspired by the dirndl silhouette and style. One look at the collection and I’m instantly excited to start wearing some of my dirndls everyday! Looks like this spring (according to Givenchy) is going to be the time to start wearing your dirndl out on the town.

Givenchy Spring 2015 Collection
Me in my dirndl in the streets of Basel during Fasnacht.

I expect that if this trend continues, it could very well be that in the near future, all us dirndl loving folk will be able to wear our favorite pieces out to the store and out to dinner without anyone thinking twice about it!

I’m excited to wear my dirndl everywhere!! How about you? Do you have a funny story about when you wore your dirndl to an unexpected place and people had interesting reactions… like the time someone asked me if I worked at the Apple Pickery while I was driving home. Share them in the comments and the maybe next year we can all celebrate being able to avoid those silly comments, like, “Are you an irish dancer?”

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!

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