Old Favorites and New Must Haves: Open Gloves and Edelweiss Wrap Bracelets

Last week released our newest accessory, the Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet and at first I thought maybe it was just me who thought they were fabulous, but apparently not, because they are the talk of the town.

Available in 8 colors they can easily be mixed and matched and layered and I could go on and on! They make great gifts at $20 each and as a bonus, you can get 2 for $30 in select colors!

There have been a few questions surrounding the new bracelets, so I made a quick video to explain a little bit more about them!

Another item that is all the buzz, it the final return of the Open Gloves. This is the very last run of the gloves because I have officially used every scrap of the cotton loop knit fabric to make the gloves. I had a few yards left in olive so I decided to use all of it to make the last round of gloves! They make great texting gloves because it leaves your fingers free, and they are also perfect over those grab n’ go gloves from the dollar store! A quick and easy way to spruce up those old and tired $1 glovies. Click here to get your gloves now!
What’s even better… Pairing the gloves and new bracelet like Monika did! She posted this picture to instagram and used #raredirndl and now her picture along with any other picture tagged using #raredirndl comes up on our new website! How cool is that!?
We also have 2 great events coming up if you’re in the Chicagoland area. This Thursday is the Lincoln Square Fall Wine Stroll and Sunday is the 3rd Annual International Fair & Wine Tasting at the AAS. We will be participating in both events and will have both of these great accessories available!
As always we love to hear from you! So comment below or on Facebook and tell us what you think of our winter accessories or what you’d like to see from Rare Dirndl.
Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!  

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