How We Turn Dreary Chicago Winter into a Beautiful New Collection

In the past I’ve had trouble designing Spring collections because here in Chicago… spring is this elusive season that lasts for about 3 days, so it is truly find inspiration for a Spring Collection. This year I thought I’d do things a little differently and design a Winter/Spring 2015 collection that is inspired by exactly that, winter into spring. The idea of cold transforming into warmth, old growing into new, darkness turning to light and the destruction of winter becoming the growth of spring.

I was in yoga class and the instructor was talking about how in order to grow, we must let go of things that are restraining us. Like seeds; in order for a seed to become a plant, it must first let go of it’s outer shell, essentially destroy itself in order to become new. I starting thinking about animals and humans and how we must all cope with love, loss, life and death to be able to grow and become new and better.

Using this as inspiration, I created my own fabric design using a photo of a deer skull that was given to me that I made new again by adding a flower to it. I also used a muted color pallet with pops of greens to signify the muted colors of winter followed by pops of the first signs of spring; grass peeking through the snow.

The majesty of strong animals that live through the tough winters inspired the use of leather and strong hooks and chains.

And the confusion of the transition from winter into spring, the warm days followed by freezing rain, followed yet again by bright, sunny afternoons inspired the mixing of textures and fabrics to create new and innovative silhouettes.

I’m very excited about how the collection is coming along. Be sure to follow @raredirndl on Instagram to see more behind the scenes pics of the collection before its release.

Also, check out the behind the scenes video from the photo shoot!


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