People and Things We Love: My German T-Shirt

my german shirt Polizei T-ShirtThe first feature in this new blog series: People and Things We Love is about my friends from Mount Prospect, IL who run and have a pop-up shop at nearly every event we are at. They set up shop at German Fest Milwaukee, German Day in Chicago, and Oktoberfest in Peoria just to name a few. They have everything you’d ever want with a German flag on it and more. Every year they have new and exciting things and one of my favorites are the Lederhosen & Dirndl Beer Stein Koozi! My other favorites that are available online are the German Flag Charm Keychain and the Polizei T-shirt. All their t-shirts are uniquely designed and are the perfect way to show off your German heritage on an everyday basis. German Hockey Jersey Adam and Martin are proudly promoting German heritage and are offering a variety of sports clothing including a Germany Hockey Jersey design. They also offer custom embroidery and silk screening for organizations and private groups. So, if your dance group, German social club or Beer Drinking Club needs some custom matching t-shirts, Martin is the guy for you. You can e-mail him at The products are fun, but what’s even moreGermany Keychain fun are Adam and Martin! Over the past few years, seeing them at German Fest, Maifest, etc… they are simply hilarious. They make standing in the rain or in the blazing sun, selling merchandise fun and exciting. At Germany Under Glass at the Mitchell Park Domes, at about 4pm the sun started shining directly in my eye and I thought “Oh Good Grief! If that sun is gunna go straight for my eyes the rest of the day… I’m gonna be pissed” So I moved over a little and the light was still shining directly in my eye! Then I remembered that the sun was shining at me earlier in the morning, so it couldn’t be the sun. And it wasn’t… it was Adam and Martin using a mirror to reflect the sun right in my eyes from across the entire dome! I look over and there they are, laughing and waving! HAHA Adam and Martin from are people I love, and their products are things I love and you should definitely check out their website or see them in person here in Chicago at the Maifest, or at German Fest in Milwaukee!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!


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