How to Make Dumplings – Quick German

Oma Gerhild

Oma Gerhild

German Dumplings are one of my favorite things to eat. I’ve never met a Knödel I didn’t like. From Semmel to Potato, Zwetschgen to Liver… I seriously love them all and today I’m sharing an article by Oma Gerhild author of Quick German about how to make dumplings. I am going to have to give this a try this week! Also be sure to follow Oma Gerhild and Quick German Recipes on Facebook for more recipes, suggestions, cooking tips and fun german things! She’s simply fabulous! to make Dumplings

 How to Make Dumplings

Want to learn how to make dumplings (“Klöße und Knödel“) including the famous and very traditional potato dumplings? You’ll find various recipes for those, plus some VERY strange ones in the list below as well.

German Potato Dumplings with turkey

My very favorite ones are theThüringer Klösse. These are not only time consuming to make, but also quite a bit of work. Easier are thepotato dumplings made from cooked potatoes. Served with my rouladen alternative, flatladen, and sweet and sour red cabbage — this is a favorite meal at our house. These dumplings were one of my Mutti’s favourite’s as well, because they were so quick to make. Of course, the homemade croutons in the middle add the extra touch of “delicious-ness”.

How to make Dumplings …

If you want to try something a bit different, there are the traditional bread dumplingsGerman bread dumplings that are so common in the Bavarian area of Germany.

It has an interesting method of making dumplings using leftover bread. The results are delicious. Great “soaker-uppers” of gravy!

These bread dumplings were something I discovered on my first trip back to Germany after having left as a little girl. For me, dumplings ALWAYS meant potatoes. And, I really, really enjoyed my potato ones. It really took a step of faith to try these made with bread. Guess what? I got hooked! What a fabulous way to use up stale buns and bread. The only requirement was that one needs to have gravy 🙂 Something I’ve learned when making dumplings, especially if you don’t make them too often, is to make a “trial” one first.


Make a Trial Dumpling First!

When I first started, and not knowing for sure if the dough would hold together, I’d just make all the dumplings at once and put them in the pot of gently boiling water. After my first flop when they all fell apart, I learned to always try one dumpling first. If it held together, I’d form the rest and cook them then.

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