Here’s to you Mommy! – #MomandMeDirndl

Mom and Me Dirndl Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it has me thinking about my Mom and how awesome she is. Then it has me thinking about how all the moms in my life are pretty awesome! And now I see my friends having children and becoming moms and that’s awesome too. So this blog post is simply a collection of pictures that I love that feature the fabulous Moms in my life, so Prost to all you Moms out there! And to celebrate I’d love to see pictures on Facebook and Instagram, of you and your Mom or people we know are Moms using the hashtag #MomandMeDirndl. I can’t wait to spend Mother’s Day (this coming Sunday, May 10th) looking at all the great pics you post with your Mommy!

Rare Dirndl Team - Dirndl Shop in Chicago

Me and My Mom and Sister

Edelweiss Clip - Rare DirndlSide Note: If you want to give your mom a fabulous gift that says, “Thanks for being awesome”… I would recommend an Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet or an Edelweiss Clip! Both very popular among Moms and both very fashionably German.


Me and my Grandma -1989

Dirndl in chicago - rare dirndl

My cousin and his wife


My Best Friend and her daughters

modern dirndl - dirndl in the usa

My cousin and his wife

edelweiss -edelweiss hair clip

My cousin and her daughter

mom and me dirndl

One of my fabulous friends and her daughter

dirndl mom - Dirndl USA

Kat, from the Rare Dirndl team and her daughter with my good friend, Karin and her son

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