Behind the Scenes in the Dirndl Studio: What’s in that back corner?

Rare Dirndl DEsign Studio1

Many times people come into the studio and I see their eyes wondering around. I feel like I can see little thought bubbles pop up over their heads saying, “In wonder whats in the that big fancy closet…” or “where does she keep all the other dirndls?” or “I wonder what’s in all those drawers…” With that in mind, I thought I’d introduce you to a little corner of the studio that always gets some looks: the way back corner with the ladder.

First a tid bit about the ladder. My dad found it somewhere, washed it and thought, “This is a really tall, really light ladder… perfect for Erika.” He though I would keep it in the basement and bring it up when I needed to change a lightbulb, but no… not me! I use it as decor/pattern hanging device/storage.

Rare Dirndl DEsign Studio2

All the dirndl and blouse patterns

Here is where all the original and sized patterns hang, patiently waiting to be used for someones new blouse or dirndl. When I have a special order, custom piece or a new style that needs to be cut by my specially trained super designer eye… I use these.

Rare Dirndl Design Studio - Chicago

Ironing Basket, Chi Business License and my big award 😉

Next we’ll move on to the stuff that sits on the ladder. The ironing basket, my Chicago business license and my Up and Coming Designer 2008 award thingy. The ironing basket contains things you’d assume are in an ironing basket: a sleeve roll, a ham (I hate to admit this, but it took me a solid year of design school to realize why its called a ham… it looks like a ham! haha), iron cleaner, some spray starch and the water cup.

I like to beautifully display my Chicago Business license for 2 reasons… #1) I legally have to and #2) It makes me feel ‘too legit to quit’ Whoop Whoop!

Next to that is the metal dress form that the Apparel Department at Dominican University presented to me when I won Up and Coming Designer in 2008. I like to keep it where I can see it because it reminds me that even when I was in school, people believed in my talent… and it looks cool!

Rare Dirndl Mood BoardFinally, the thing that people always love to look at… the upcoming season’s Mood Board! Right now it has the inspiration pictures, theme, and fabric swatches for the Summer 2015 Collection. This is what I put together while I’m designing the new collection and then I keep it hung up throughout the season to keep me on track and focused on what’s coming up. If you can’t tell, this summer is all about bright reds & greens, poppies, and fun & laughter!

So there is a mini tour of “that back corner over there”. Are there other areas of the studio you want to see more of? Leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to show you! Also if you want to come see the studio for yourself. Check out this webpage to see our upcoming open studio weekends or make an appointment online to visit!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!


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