How She Wore It: Katherine’s Chicago Blackhawks Dirndl

blackhawks german dress

Katherine wore her custom made Chicago Blackhawks Dirndl to show her support for her favorite Chicago Sports team, the Blackhawks!! In honor of their big Stanley Cup win in 2010, over 20 Chicago girls got custom dirndls with their favorite players name on the back and in 2013 and now again this year, they get to wear them all the time to show off their team spirit and their German heritage by wearing their Rare Dirndls!
Chicago blackhawks dirndlWhat she’s wearing: Custom Chicago Blackhawks Dirndl, Off-the-shoulder Blouse in black, Classic TOMS shoes, and her personal jewelry.

Chicago_Blackhawks dirndlThis picture was taken in 2010 with all the girls from the American Aid Society Jugendgruppe in their Blackhawks Dirndls! They’ve brought the team good luck ever since! Here are some more pictures of Blackhawks dirndls around town.

Baby Blackhawks DirndlBlackhawks Dirndl Sport themed dirndl Chicago Sports Dirndl

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!


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