Simple, Yet Beautiful: Rare Dirndl Summer 2015 Collection

0001-26523447 This summer I decided to do a collection featuring 2 of my favorite things, Art Nouveau and Poppies. art nouveau poppyMy love for Art Nouveau started in college when I took an art history class and that period of art spoke to me in a way that other eras in the art world did not. Maybe it’s because I could just stare at some of the works for nouveau My love for Poppies started after my trip to Hungary in 2011. We took a day trip to visit Krushival, Serbia. It was once a town that the communist regime turned into a starvation camp and it was the place where my Oma and her mother were taken after the World War II. I had heard that the Poppy fields were a thing of wonder in the region and when I saw a poppy field for myself I felt more in touch with my heritage and my family. It is a powerful symbol for me and I was so excited to create a collection combining both Poppies and Art Nouveau.poppy-hummel poppyI found a fabric collection that featured Poppies of all shapes and sizes and I had to use it! Beyond the obvious inspiration behind the printed fabric choice. I also used more playful silhouettes and soft lines to subtly reference the Art Nouveau era and then utilized some bright pops of lime green to make the collection modern. Another detail about this collection that I love is the setting for the photo shoot. I decided that I wanted to shoot this fun, flirty, pretty, soft, feminine collection in places that are usually overlooked for not having any beauty. Back alleys of the north side of Chicago are typically home to rats, garbage and some unidentified things, but I think the Chicago alleys are wonderful. They are a place were we can put our garbage (not on the street) and in our neighborhood, in the summertime its a place were children play basketball and ride their bikes. There are even those who do some good ol’ “Garage sittze” (as Schmidt Oma used to say). There is hidden beauties in the alleys of Chicago and I thought it would a great place to have a shoot (my mom was not so enthused “your gonna take pics with those rat signs??” haha!! So we took this shot just for her!) IMG_9130_2 I’m so excited about this new collection and I hope you enjoyed the inspiration pictures. Also, here is a sneak peek/behind the scenes video from the photo shoot. BIG thanks to VKB Photography for doing another fantastic job!!!

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