German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

German Fest Milwaukee is a weekend that many people look forward to all year! This is a 3 day long festival that attracts thousands of people from all over the globe. Are you ready? After years of attending the fest myself, here is my German Fest Milwaukee Checklist!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I’ve checked the forecast and have packed appropriately. Pack a sunscreen with a higher SPF because a blouse burn is like a farmers-tan hopped up on schnapps! Nobody likes that sweetheart neckline for the rest of the summer! On the flip side… the open air Summer Fest grounds have plenty of tents, but if you want to grab some food, or another beer you may need to venture out from under the shelter, so don’t forget an umbrella.

◊   I’ve committed to staying hydrated. Having a water in between beers is key to keeping hydrated during the usually super hot fest. There are drinking fountains (or bubblers as the Wisconsinites call it) outside each of the bathrooms throughout the fest where you can re-fill any of your cups with some fresh Wasser!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I’ve checked the schedule and know which stages my favorite bands are playing on. My favorite is Chickeria, but they don’t come every year! Click here to see the full list of bands to see if your favorite is playing at German Fest.

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I have my dirndl (or lederhosen) ready! I have a dirndl for each day ready to go because German Fest is one of the summer festivals where you will not feel out of place in your dirndl. However, the $40 beer wench costume you got at Halloween Headquarters… not appropriate. Save that for another day (like never).

◊   I have a spare pair of shoes. Those strange foot massagers only go so far. I highly recommend bringing along a second pair of shoes because when you have a huge throbbing blister, nothing feels better!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I am ready to get my polka on! Don’t just loiter around the dance floor… get out there!! If you don’t know how, there are plenty of dance groups performing all day long on the stages, so you can watch and learn. Plus, how are you going to become a pro if you don’t practice?

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I’m mentally prepared to try new foods! Yes, the corn is good… but try some Spanferkel, Knoedel, Kasseler Rippchen, or Goulash. Those are just some of my favorites that this festival has to offer, but click here to see the entire list of foods.

◊   I’m aware that excessive amounts of German beer, wine and schnapps may result in a little hangover… but I have Advil at the ready. Sometimes we get a case of the “hanging Sundays”, but that’s nothing a good ol’ kartofflepuffer (potato pancake), 2 Advil and some water can’t fix!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I know that Rare Dirndl has their pop-up boutique at the south east corner of the Marktplatz. Not only do we have 3 collections that have never graced the grounds of German Fest, but we also have new jewelry, accessories and team members! So come say “Hi” to Sam & Olivia and check out all our new stuff!

◊   I have checked off everything on the German Fest Checklist and I’m ready BABY!!!!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

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