Customer Spotlight: Erika Klaber

Erika Klaber
Fairfield, Ohio

Erika Klaber

In my life I wear many hats. I’m a mom of 4, a music teacher to many, and a leader of a 12 piece band. But honestly, I’m just a German girl at heart!

Erika -Klaberheads -Leopard DirndlI recently purchased the leopard print Rare Dirndl and couldn’t wait to wear it for the first time.  When I saw it on the website, I knew it was a fit for me. Traditional in fit, but the print roars with personality! This dirndl feels great—so comfortable, yet elegant and sexy, too!

As I mentioned, I am a leader of a German band that plays many significant Oktoberfests throughout the mid-West, and other parts of the country. 2015 is a special year for our band, the Klaberheads, because it marks our 85th anniversary!  My grandfather started the band in 1930 once he arrived from Germany. After he died, my Dad took leadership, and in 2006, he turned it over to me. It’s very much a family affair—my Mom plays accordion, my Uncle sings, my husband plays guitar and sax, and my 14 year old daughter sings, too! During the months of August through October, we are Festing every weekend. Places like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati are the most crowded.  In November we head to Texas to play at the annual Wurstfest. I like to present a different look at each venue. Sometimes I wear lederhosen, and then I have about three dirndls that I rotate. But now I have four!!

Erika Klaberheads Rare Dirndl
I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get to display my new Rare Dirndl until the Fest season, but then we got a call to perform at the Hofbrauhaus in Cleveland this past January. Yeah!!  And wouldn’t you know, a man from another band came up to me and said, “You must be wearing a Rare Dirndl.”  I proudly said, “Yes!”
CLEC erika cut outs copyI am so grateful that Rare Dirndl exists. It gives German girls like me who do what I do, options!  Really stylish and beautiful options. (It’s also so nice to meet another Erika who spells their name the right way, with a K 😉 )

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