The Cure for Cold Hands: The Official Beer Drinking Gloves

cure for cold hands- beer drinking gloves

Oktoberfest season is upon us and with that comes cooler weather. And with cooler weather comes cold hands! I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan. Cold hands are the worst! And the biggest culprit of making cold hands colder… cold drinks.

But not to fear.. the cure is here! I made some new gloves for that exact purpose. Sure, you can use them all winter long, but with the little beer steins and edelweiss on the trim, they are just the cutest gloves for cool Oktoberfest evenings.

drinking gloves1

Now, I know what your going to say, “But Erika… that light grey is going to get so dirty. What if I spill my beer on my new gloves?” No worries! They’re machine washable.

Quick story: Last year my sister Monika says, “Hey… my gloves are nasty… can I wash them?” I say, “I don’t see why not.” “Ok cool!” Next day… Monika calls, “Hey… guess what?” I say, “What?!” “I washed my gloves in one of those mesh bags and put them in the dryer and they’re perfect! And they even shrunk back to their original size!” “Sweet!” – so there you have it. You can wash them 🙂

Click here to order yours today. They are a limited edition and once I run out of the trim… that’s the end of the Beer Drinking Gloves. So if you love them, get your’s while they last.

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