How to Wear your Dirndl on Halloween like a Boss!

I love Halloween! Mostly because I LOVE dressing up in costume. But one of the things I dislike about Halloween are those dreadful “beer wench” costumes. (I suppose if you are going to wear one of those, Halloween is a better time than Oktoberfest… but they still make me vomit in my mouth a little bit.)

So to stop this madness, I’ve come up with a bunch of easy and creative costume ideas so you can wear your dirndl on Halloween like a Boss!


First… the In Bloom Dirndl makes a great starting point for so many costumes! I wore it last year when I dressed as a marionette! It can also be used for: Queen of Hearts, a Witch, & Snow White, just to name a few.marionette dirndl

Secondly… on the same note… The In Bloom Vest would be perfect to be the Joker, Red Riding Hood, or a Circus Ring Master. Both of these items can be used for so many great costumes, it’s really just a matter of thinking outside the box!

joker in bloom vest

If you want to go as a Disney Princess, The Day Break Dirndl would be a great option if you wanted to go as Anna from Frozen. You could also use the Royal Treatment Dirndl and go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.



Royal Elegance

The Tea Party Dirndl could be modified a bit with a light pink apron and pink puff-sleeve blouse to be Princess Peach from Mario Brothers.

DSC_1157princess peach

If you want to be a pirate the options are endless! You could again use the In Bloom dirndl or vest, but you could also use the “Smells Like Teen Spirit Dirndl” 

pirateSmells Like Teen Spirit1

And lastly… you could always wear your more traditional dirndl and be Maria von Trapp from the Sound of Music.

The bottom line is… don’t wear a teeny tiny costume that’s not a dirndl and instead get creative with your favorite Rare Dirndl pieces and win “Best Costume” at your Halloween party this year!

Not a Dirndl

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 


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