Krampus Collection Look of the Day #1 and Where to Wear it

Many people have said to me over the years, “but where else would you wear a dirndl besides Oktoberfest?” Um… Anywhere!!!

In all seriousness, I understand that wearing a dirndl outside of a German function is not typical. Do I like this fact of life… No, but it is what it is. However, I do believe that there are many places that you can wear your dirndl during this time of year (Fall/Winter) that is completely acceptable and you should try it!

Let’s start with the Look of the Day: White & Raspberry Dirndl with Skulls

where to wear a dirndl in winter

What’s in the look? White & Raspberry Dirndl with Skulls | Collared Blouse | Industrial Edelweiss Necklace | Black/Grey Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet | Cropped Cardigan from ModCloth​ | Witty Giddy Fringe Boot from​ | “Nein, Nein, Nein, Ok Fine!” Nail Polish from OPI​.

Wear your dirndl at a german barPut it all together and you have an edgy look that is perfect for making a statement at a German Bar! Here in Chicago, bars like Laschet’s Inn, Prost, Hofbrauhaus Chicago, Resi’s Beirstube, Brauhaus, Schnitzelplatz etc. all welcome girls dressed in dirndls. At the Old German Beer Hall in Milwaukee, you even get a discount on liters of beer if you wear a dirndl.


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