Rare Dirndl’s 5 Year Anniversary!

As an entrepreneur, January is the season for reflection, crunching numbers and setting goals… all some of my least favorite things. Last night I spent the evening carefully going over all the expenses, the budget, and setting 2015’s projections, but then I took a minute and thought, “Hey Chica! This is Rare Dirndl’s 5 year Anniversary. Whooop Whoop!” (then I put down the paperwork and got myself a glass of wine to celebrate!)

A lot happened this year so, I’m really excited for 2015! There are some things from 2014 that I’m going to try not to dwell on, like finding out that a Pakistani manufacturer is stealing my photos and designs… but there are so many great things that happened in 2014 that I’m very proud of!

This quote by fashion icon, Coco Chanel really rings true to me, because ever since I was little, I was always “a little different”, but now I get to use that to my advantage! When people are going to criticize my work for copy my designs, it is very important or me to remember that I’ve arrived  2015 because of  hard work and innovation.
I’m very proud to have come so far in only 5 years and I’ve updated the ABOUT US page of the website to reflect that. Click here to check out the changes!
Included on that page is a new video that explains what Rare Dirndl is all about! (although it’s not as quirky as my usual videos, it gets the job done, haha!)

Here are some videos and blog posts that highlight 2014

Dirndls on the Mancow Show (haha that was interesting!)

The introduction of the most innovative blouse and only one of it’s kind, the Blouselette!

Germany Wins the World Cup and there is a dirndl to match!

Most popular Video of the year!

Our best selling accessories make a comeback and we designed new ones! 

Our beautiful Brides of 2014

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At 3 Years Old – Is This the Dirndl that Started It All?!

For many women, what they wore can bring back memories just as strongly as taste and sound. For my Grandma… in order for her to fully remember an event, I always need to describe what I was wearing. This week, I am taking a trip back in time to remember a little bit about my childhood as it relates to my first dirndl memories.
Grandma Rosina and I   (1991)
My mom first brought my sister and I to the Kindergruppe when I was around 4 years old, and since that day every other Friday night, you would find us dancing (most of the time reluctantly) with the American Aid Society Kindergruppe. The Kindergruppe performances are where my memories of wearing a dirndl were formed. I know that I had a little red dirndl when I was much younger, but the first dirndl I remember loving was a pink plaid dirndl. I loved that little pink heart that hangs to the side and I remember loving to spin and twirl in my dirndl because the skirt was so full… too much fun!

When my girlfriends and I started talking about this topic, it was so funny to see their faces as they took a moment to think about it… and then their eyes lit up! “Oh, I remember my favorite! It was the purple one with the flowers!” or “YES… the red one with the polka dots!”

It seems that anyone who grew up in the German community wearing dirndls as a child can relate and has that “Ah ha!” moment when they recall that first dirndl they remember wearing and loving.

Did this little pink plaid dirndl start my love affair with dirndls… maybe! I can’t say for sure, but I do know that I am forever grateful that my mom dragged me to kindergruppe practice on fridays and dressed me in my little dirndls.

My Beautiful Mother, Me, and my little sister, Monika   (1992)
Elizabeth and her American Girl Doll
I don’t make children’s dirndls often, but my hope is always that their Rare Dirndl is going to be the one they refer to as their first favorite. Here are a few of the littlest dirndls I’ve made and I think the looks on their faces say it all.

Oliva and Elizabeth
Dotti in her little Blackhawks Dirndl
“Audrey LOVES her new dirndl! She said she’s never taking it off!”
Elsie probably won’t remember wearing her first Rare Dirndl Onesie, be she will surely look adorable in it!
One of the newest trends in social media is Throwback Thursday! Using the hashtag #tbt or #throwbackthursday, people post old pictures to bring back some great memories! This week we would love to see some good ol’ little dirndls for Throwback Thursday! Post your #tbt pic on Facebook and/or Instagram using #tbtdirndl so we can all enjoy those pics.
P.S. Here is a video from 1993 of the AAS Kindgruppe in case you’d like to critique my dancing skills at age 7.
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Combining Your Passions: Family, Dirndls, & Yoga

Let’s back track a little to New Year’s Resolutions… can you say intimidating? I’ve never been good at New Year’s resolutions and by never, I mean that I used to make a resolution and then forget what it was, so then I just stopped making them. However, this year I am going to make a resolution… keep practicing yoga! (In all honesty it is to reach my business goals and live each day to be the best me I can be… but I honestly feel that practicing yoga on a regular basis is really helping me do that, so I’m simplifying it). My sister introduced me to yoga in early November, when she started her teacher training, and now I’m hooked! In lieu of a Customer Spotlight this month, I’m going to tell her story!

The Most Awesome Sister Ever!
Want that dirndl? There is one left (http://bit.ly/19rTTwj)
Monika and I were always very close and when she moved up into the Jugendgruppe, we became even closer. Although high school and the Jugendgruppe were keeping her busy, she really wanted to have something else to do. Like me, sports weren’t of interest, so when my cousin opened her business, Balance Healing Center, and joined forces with a yoga instructor… she became very intrigued.
She was officially introduced to yoga in 2005 and quickly found her true passion. She bought herself The Big Book of Yoga, and each night she went into her bedroom and practiced yoga. While I was sewing, working on college projects and collections, she was upstairs practicing Locust pose, Head Stands, Wheel and Mermaid pose. When our high school added a Yoga class that could be taken instead of gym, Monika was the first to sign up. Soon, she was assisting the teacher and even teaching the class on occasion!
College life took her away from her practice for a while. However, after graduation Monika stopped dancing with the jugendgruppe and she was working as the assistant manager of Buckle, but she really felt like there was something missing in her life. She was yearning for a community to be a part of again… and then she found CorePower Yoga in February 2013.

She instantly fell in love with Vinyasa flow and felt like she had found a wonderful community amongst her fellow CPY yogis. She realized that yoga was the missing piece! She quickly completed her 200hr Power Teacher Training in December 2013 and will soon be teaching, sharing her practice with others, her students (myself included!). She hopes to help her students discover their inner-awesomeness and take their yoga practice “off the mat” and into everyday life.

She is still my go-to girl for Rare Dirndl sales advice, trend forecasting, and accessorizing, but now since introducing me to yoga, she is also teaching me to be more peaceful, focused, and strong. I’m BEYOND proud of my little sister! She’s my best friend and I am so happy that she has found her passion again. I also love that she continues to deepen her practice and combine her loves: family, yoga… and dirndls!

Check out Monika at work for Rare Dirndl during the Spring/Summer 2014 Photo Shoot
Rare Logo Headband

Want the headband that Monika is practicing yoga in? Get yours right here!  This headband features the Rare Dirndl edelweiss logo with a soft knit elastic band to keep the headband in place. Perfect for exercising, dancing, or just keeping your hair out of your face.

Do you want to be the next Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight? As the winner you will recieve a $50 Coupon Code for any online purchase, a feature on the Rare Dirndl website and blog, and a gift package worth approx $100!! Click here to get all the details!

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München Here I Come… with lots o leatha!

This month is flying by and our trip to Germany is right around the corner! I’ve been working like crazy to get everything ready for the big debut of Rare Dirndl in Germany at the Münchener Trachtentage March 16 and 17!

One of the items I knew I had to bring back is the Lederhosen purses! As of early this week I’m all stocked up with all three of the styles we had around the holidays as well as the newest addition, the clutch!

All of the bags are made from genuine goat skin leather, fully lined and up-cycled from old pairs of un-worn lederhosen.

Along the same lines… I’m very excited to meet with the folks from Herzhirsch! They have got an über cute product that I absolutely love, the Hirschbandl! Its perfect for family gatherings when everyone has a beer stein and then 10 minutes later you don’t know who’s glass is who’s. Each is handmade in Munich from traditional tanned deerskin and is such a fabulous way to make sure you don’t drink any of ol’ cousin Stefan’s backwash! I’m pretty sure that each member of my family is going to need one of these.

T minus 26 days until the Rare Dirndl team boards a plane for Bavaria!

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3 Great German Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas under $100!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but finding the perfect gift for those who love all things German might be difficult at times. I’ve got three great gifts ideas (under $100 from a variety of online stores) for just those people! And you might find something for yourself along the way…

#1. Jewelry- love a little Deutsches bling!

My 1st pick is from German Import House. The Edelweiss 3pc set includes a necklace, earrings and a bracelet and is $39.00. I love this set because it can be worn altogether or one piece at a time. The antique finish gives the pieces a vintage look and would look great with any outfit!

Edelweiss 3pc set

My 2nd pick is from the Schnitzel Shop. The German Flag glass pendant is a fun little gift with Sprechen Sie Deutsch on it. Only $12.00, it’s a more casual necklace that would look great with a t-shirt and jeans.

German Flag glass pendant

#2. Leather- Not just about the lederhosen anymore

My 1st pick in this category is a Rare lederhosen bracelet! The Lederhosen Bracelet with Buckle is an adjustable leather cuff style bracelet that goes easily with any outfit. Made from lederhosen, this piece is soft, comfortable and only $20.00. It’s the most popular of the lederhosen bracelets and I can see why!

The Lederhosen Bracelet with Buckle

My 2nd pick is the Square Lederhosen Purse. This purse is made from goat skin lederhosen and is a fabulous way to give a nod to your love for Germany with an accessory. At $94.00, this purse has a braided and buckle strap, button closure and functional outside pockets. Measuring approximately 15in x 12in and fully lined, this item is one of my all time favorites.

Square Lederhosen Purse

#3. Beer Stein- Classic gift for the man in your life!

My 1st pick in this category is this Stein depicting the Oktoberfest Clydesdale and Beer Wagon from Northcote Imports. I love this one because it has an antique look to it and trimming on the top includes edelweiss, pretzels and wurst! It holds 0.4 liters of beer and is $79.95.

Oktoberfest Clydesdale and Beer Wagon

My last pick is a different style glass mug from 1001 Beer Steins.com. The Glass Deutschland Beer Stein is $88.99 and features the fabulous colors of the German flag and pewter embossed appliqué depicting the German eagle. It holds 0.4 liters and is a really unique stein for anyone!

Glass Deutschland Beer 
So there you have it… 3 Great German inspired gift ideas and my top 2 picks in each category! Fröhliche Weihnachten everyone!

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A Day to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. When I was little it was simply because we celebrated my birthday on Thanksgiving and so I got presents!

My 5th Birthday! Loved Thanksgiving and PJ Sparkles!

However, now that I’m older, I love Thanksgiving because its a holiday just about family and friends and not about gifts, religion, or anyone in particular (even though my grandparents still bring me a card).

Not my best look, but its one of my favorite pictures! 

I have a lot to be thankful for, especially this year. I’ve moved from my parents dining room to my own studio and my business has grown and flourished. I am truly thankful that my family and friends have been so supportive of my crazy business venture. But I’m even more grateful for all of my loyal customers, followers and supporters.


As a thank you gift, I am offering a Free Hobo Hat with any purchase of $80.00 or more on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! I’m not trying to trick you into buying my clothes, I am just genuinely grateful for my customers and so I’m offering one of my favorite new pieces as a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving from Rare Dirndl!

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