The 9 Ways You Know It’s Gaufest

This coming weekend is one of the most highly anticipated weekends of the year: Gaufest! Whether you have been practicing  for the past 6 months for the Gruppenpreisplatteln or just coming to represent your club and reunite with old friends, there are 9 ways you know that it’s Gaufest. 9 ways you know it's gaufest #9- Your putting the final touches on your outfit for Sunday’s Abschiedsfeier – This year’s theme is: Milwaukee Theme With a Harley Emphasis, so you’ve got your leather vest, Harley-Davidson T-shirt, biker bandada ready to go… maybe a temporary tattoo to really bring it all together?

#8- You can do your competition dance in your sleep – Even your dreams are about Gaufest. By now you can close your eyes and do the dances without even hearing the music… that’s how ready you are! Gaufest-Rare Dirndl #7- You have a list of things you need to replace, repair, or wash – Does that feather need to be refreshed? Hat too small? Should you bring your old stein or get a new one? Hole in your sock… replace or repair? When was the last time your Schal was cleaned? All these things and more are jotted down on a list and now it’s crunch time!

#6- You have your dirndl ready to debut at the Welcome Dance – Is it a new dirndl that you picked up in Munich? Your favorite vintage dirndl that your Oma had? Maybe a Rare Dirndl? Whatever it is, you’ve got it packed and ready to show it off on Thursday’s Welcome Dance Rare Dirndl #5- Your iron has been running a marathon – Wrinkles beware… your Bügeln skills have been honed, and every blouse and every apron is pressed to perfection! 4998653839_110accbd42_m #4- You have a Bavarian Mall shopping list – Does someone need new lederhosen from Licht? Had your eye on our new Apron Purse? Most people have a grocery list on their fridge, but not you… you’ve got a list of all the things you need to see at the Bavarian Mall (we’re in Executive Ballroom D, wink wink) rare-Dirndl-apron-purse #3- You’re attempting to stock pile sleep in anticipation for 12:01– You know that the hospitality rooms are going to be home base for party central come 12:01 on Saturday, so you’re going to bed early all week in anticipation of Saturday night’s epic party!

#2- Your silver and shoe polish haven’t seen this much use since… well last Gau – People can start calling you the polish master because your jewelry and your shoes are glistening like new. Oma would not approve of tarnished silver or scuffed shoes!

#1- You already have butterflies in your stomach because you get to see all your Trachtler friends and spend 3 full days with them! – Seeing your friends from around the country again is a feeling you can’t describe. Yes, there is Facebook so we can creep on what they’re doing and see how they’ve grown, but nothing is better than seeing them again at Gaufest! Rare Dirndl Gaufest

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German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

German Fest Milwaukee is a weekend that many people look forward to all year! This is a 3 day long festival that attracts thousands of people from all over the globe. Are you ready? After years of attending the fest myself, here is my German Fest Milwaukee Checklist!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I’ve checked the forecast and have packed appropriately. Pack a sunscreen with a higher SPF because a blouse burn is like a farmers-tan hopped up on schnapps! Nobody likes that sweetheart neckline for the rest of the summer! On the flip side… the open air Summer Fest grounds have plenty of tents, but if you want to grab some food, or another beer you may need to venture out from under the shelter, so don’t forget an umbrella.

◊   I’ve committed to staying hydrated. Having a water in between beers is key to keeping hydrated during the usually super hot fest. There are drinking fountains (or bubblers as the Wisconsinites call it) outside each of the bathrooms throughout the fest where you can re-fill any of your cups with some fresh Wasser!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I’ve checked the schedule and know which stages my favorite bands are playing on. My favorite is Chickeria, but they don’t come every year! Click here to see the full list of bands to see if your favorite is playing at German Fest.

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I have my dirndl (or lederhosen) ready! I have a dirndl for each day ready to go because German Fest is one of the summer festivals where you will not feel out of place in your dirndl. However, the $40 beer wench costume you got at Halloween Headquarters… not appropriate. Save that for another day (like never).

◊   I have a spare pair of shoes. Those strange foot massagers only go so far. I highly recommend bringing along a second pair of shoes because when you have a huge throbbing blister, nothing feels better!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I am ready to get my polka on! Don’t just loiter around the dance floor… get out there!! If you don’t know how, there are plenty of dance groups performing all day long on the stages, so you can watch and learn. Plus, how are you going to become a pro if you don’t practice?

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I’m mentally prepared to try new foods! Yes, the corn is good… but try some Spanferkel, Knoedel, Kasseler Rippchen, or Goulash. Those are just some of my favorites that this festival has to offer, but click here to see the entire list of foods.

◊   I’m aware that excessive amounts of German beer, wine and schnapps may result in a little hangover… but I have Advil at the ready. Sometimes we get a case of the “hanging Sundays”, but that’s nothing a good ol’ kartofflepuffer (potato pancake), 2 Advil and some water can’t fix!

German Fest Milwaukee Checklist

◊   I know that Rare Dirndl has their pop-up boutique at the south east corner of the Marktplatz. Not only do we have 3 collections that have never graced the grounds of German Fest, but we also have new jewelry, accessories and team members! So come say “Hi” to Sam & Olivia and check out all our new stuff!

◊   I have checked off everything on the German Fest Checklist and I’m ready BABY!!!!

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Shark Week – Ooo HAHA!

Oh boy!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… when I get to stream Discovery Channel 24/7 while making dirndls, because it’s SHARK WEEK (about a month earlier than usual, but that’s ok!)Shark Week Dirndl Sale I like to celebrate shark week with themed specials all week! So here’s the special programming for the week: MONDAY: Return of the Great White Serial Killer is on at 9pm and starting at 9am we’re kicking off the Great White Blouse Sale! 35% off in stock Sweetheart Blouses! Use coupon code: SHARKWEEK15 at checkout to get 35% off! Great White Blouse Sale dirndl_shark TUESDAY: Bride of Jaws is on at 9pm and I’ll be featuring a sneak peek at a white, silver and blue bridal dirndl i’ve been working on, on Instagram. WEDNESDAY: At 10pm, Ninja Sharks is on and the Shark Week Apron get’s a little feature-roonie on Facebook. Click here to special order yours! Plus there is a special sharky edition of the Wednesday Witz. THURSDAY: Shark Planet is on at 9pm and I’ve added a special Shark Week Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet Duo to the website! Check Facebook for the link! FRIDAY: At 9pm Sharks of the Shadowland premiers and at 3pm I’m going to do my first Live Periscope Broadcast (@RareDirndln), showing you the first steps to cutting a custom dirndl! SATURDAY: (last day… sad face 😦 ) Alien Sharks (one of my favs) is on at 8pm and at 9pm, the Great White Blouse sale ends! I honestly cannot promise my productivity will be a 100% this week, but I’ll give it my Shark Week Best! Do you or your family have any shark week traditions? Are you going to start one- maybe a little fish paprikash this week?

The German Girl’s Summer Festival Checklist

The summer is full of sunshine, warm weather and German Festivals galore! Before you get dressed in your dirndl, here is the quick, must have list to get the most out of whichever fest you are going to!

German Girls Summer Festival Checklist

◊ 1- Hydrate – Bring a bottle of water with you or a bottle that you can refill! I wish good German beer was as hydrating as the good ol’ wasser, but it’s not [sad face]. So to get the most out of the weekend, be sure to keep yourself hydrated!

◊ 2- Sunscreen – You know what’s not cute on Monday morning at work… a wicked dirndl blouse burn! Be sure to slather up before you get dressed so you don’t miss any spots and then you won’t have a sweetheart neckline for the rest of the week.

◊ 3- Comfortable shoes – I know those new mary-jane heels look adorable with your dirndl, but if you are spending a whole day at a fest, I would go for the comfortable flats. Also, if you know your going to be on the grass… prepare to walk on uneven ground. You don’t want to sink in and aerate the grass.

◊ 4- Check the weather – If you know there is a good chance of rain you may want to wear your cute rain boots with your dirndl. Don’t have rain boots… maybe now is the time to get some 😉

◊ 5- The right purse – If you are going to be in big crowds, be sure to have a purse that zips closed and that you can keep a close eye on to avoid any pick-pocketers. If you are going to be doing a lot of dancing, I recommend our new Apron Purse! It attaches right to your apron so all your most important things are right at your hip and won’t be flying all over. Here is a quick video to show you how they work.

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Here’s to you Mommy! – #MomandMeDirndl

Mom and Me Dirndl Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it has me thinking about my Mom and how awesome she is. Then it has me thinking about how all the moms in my life are pretty awesome! And now I see my friends having children and becoming moms and that’s awesome too. So this blog post is simply a collection of pictures that I love that feature the fabulous Moms in my life, so Prost to all you Moms out there! And to celebrate I’d love to see pictures on Facebook and Instagram, of you and your Mom or people we know are Moms using the hashtag #MomandMeDirndl. I can’t wait to spend Mother’s Day (this coming Sunday, May 10th) looking at all the great pics you post with your Mommy!

Rare Dirndl Team - Dirndl Shop in Chicago

Me and My Mom and Sister

Edelweiss Clip - Rare DirndlSide Note: If you want to give your mom a fabulous gift that says, “Thanks for being awesome”… I would recommend an Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet or an Edelweiss Clip! Both very popular among Moms and both very fashionably German.


Me and my Grandma -1989

Dirndl in chicago - rare dirndl

My cousin and his wife


My Best Friend and her daughters

modern dirndl - dirndl in the usa

My cousin and his wife

edelweiss -edelweiss hair clip

My cousin and her daughter

mom and me dirndl

One of my fabulous friends and her daughter

dirndl mom - Dirndl USA

Kat, from the Rare Dirndl team and her daughter with my good friend, Karin and her son

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Rare Dirndl: Under the Glass

This week I thought I’d test my new iPhone6’s photography capacity by taking a magnifying glass style look at some of our most popular accessories that I’ll be featuring at this weekend’s event in Milwaukee!

Here are some of the “Under the Glass” style photos! Pretty cool huh!?

You can take an up close and personal look at all of these in Milwaukee this weekend. Rare Dirndl will be at “Germany Under Glass,” a family-friendly celebration of German culture will be presented by German-American Societies and various German clubs of Milwaukee, in partnership with the Milwaukee County Parks, Saturday, March 7 from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. The Domes, “Milwaukee’s Living Landmark,” is located at 524 S. Layton Blvd.

I’m super pumped about this event, I think it will be a lot of fun. In addition to music, dance, authentic foods, and table-top displays, this year’s festival will celebrate two historic events and the recent soccer championship. Speakers will provide details of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (Nov. 9, 1989), the centennial anniversary of the start of World War I (July 28, 1914), and Germany’s winning of the 2014 World Cup.

We will have a booth set up featuring all of our favorites accessories and some of the new 2015 collection to take a look at. For more information click here for the full PDF press release about the event and follow us on Facebook and instagram (and now @raredirndl on snapchat) to see more fun pictures and behind the scenes goodies!

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Krampus Fest Here We Come!!

I’m so excited to be a part of Martyrs’ 2nd Annual Krampus Fest! This is a FREE EVENT at Martyrs’ near Lincoln Square (3855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60613) Rare Dirndl will be one of the local vendors at the Artisan Holiday Market 11am – 4pm  and then there is a Krampus Parade 4:30pm and Live Music 5:30pm

It should be a great family friendly event to shop, eat, drink, stomp, chant in celebration of Krampus, St. Nick’s dark partner. Wicked good fun!

Last year was the first Krampus fest and it’s a day long event paying homage to St. Nick’s dark partner, Krampus, because sometimes it’s hard to be good! This is a family-friendly fest, so no Krampus beatings. (sorry!)

We will have table at the Holiday Arts Market from 11am-4pm along with other local artisans, crafters, bakers and purveyors of beautiful handmade and homemade gifts. Super cool background mixtapes from DJ LowFi. There will also be delectable sweet and savory edibles: cakes, chocolates, German sausages, potato pancakes, a terrific housemade Glogg and of course, hot cocoa!

Take a picture with Krampus! or St. Nick! Are you feeling naughty or nice? Chillax, we get it! Most days we’re both, too! Krampus Parade at 4:30!! Wicked. Cool. Fun

Can’t wait to see you there!! But first I need to decide what to wear! I feel like any of these dirndls could fit a Krampus theme, so come to Martyrs’ tomorrow so visit my little booth (see which dirndl I chose), meet Krampus and enjoy a truly unique holiday tradition!

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