Shop In Studio!

Approximately 1 year ago, plans for the Rare Dirndl Design Studio started to come about. It took a lot of time, creativity and patience… and its still not finished! The bathroom still needs to finished and there are little things here and there to be done to the main space before I can have an official grand opening weekend.

The afternoon shadow in the studio highlighting the address, 5051 N. Lincoln Ave

But that doesn’t mean you can come and visit! I’m open by appointment only because Rare Dirndl is still a one woman show. If I need to run to the store, meet with my pattern makers or take a break for lunch, I can’t leave the doors open. Also, probably the greatest part of my job is have the flexibility to run out at any time to help a friend, take my grandparents to the doctor & grocery shopping, or take a day to refocus and regroup my scatterbrain.

Inside the studio… still stuff to do

I’m super excited to announce that Rare Dirndl now has a phone number! You can call anytime to schedule an appointment to come to shop, schedule a fitting, or simply see the space. You can also e-mail

The number is (312) 806-5099.

Its not up on the website because I’m also working on a re-design of my website with designer Greg Bandy

This picture was from July… Its here now!!

I look forward to hearing from you on my new line!

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Grand (ish) Opening

This weekend is… GERMAN DAY!! German Day weekend in Chicago is 4 fabulous days of celebrating being German in Chicago and if you haven’t noticed, I love being German! So this weekend I decided its about dang time we get some people over to see the new Studio/Boutique. However… you guessed it… its not finished.

So I’m calling it, The Rare Studio/Boutique Grand (ish) Opening. We are going to pop-up shop in the space on the sub-floor with photos of the transformation (so far) and some great products. You’ll get to see a sneak peak at the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, find out whats coming up for Rare and hang out amidst the construction! The address is 5051 N. Lincoln Ave. which is two doors north of Winnemac. From the fest grounds at Lincoln, Leland and Western, you would walk north on Western towards the McDonalds and turn onto Lincoln Ave. Its about another 5 minute walk from there and we are on the east side of the street (your right if you are walking up Lincoln from the fest). We will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-8pm.

Fall 2012!

It’ll will be a fun way to see whats going on and then you’ll still be surprised on the actual Grand Opening Weekend. “When’s that?” – ya… good question! I have no idea. At this point I firmly believe that I need to take my time to ensure that its done right, I can’t rush it.

Trying to “un-squeekify” the floor

Thank you all so very much for your support and patience. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!!! P.S. We have a/c!

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Back in January I bought flooring for the studio space because Lumber Liquidators was having a big new years sale… had I known that it would be august before we would lay the floor I would have waited, but oh well! Anyway… its that time! Walls are painted so its time to lay the floor… right? Wrong! First we need to level the floor, then cut out the area for the tiles (since the ceramic tiles are 1/4″ and the other flooring is about 1/16″) Thanks to my handy dandy daddy, we got it done!
Cutting out a section for the ceramic tile
Next we needed to put in more screws to the creaky squeaky sections. After that it was time to lay the subfloor. This will insure that there will be a very level, nice and clean surface to stick on the laminate tiles. So last night my dad and I cleaned the floor, glued the sheets and stapled it down!
Yes, I am now the staple gun master!
We only got about half way through before it was 8:30 and time for some dinner. So my dad headed home, I cleaned up a bit and proceeded to have a nice bowl of cereal, Gotta have my Pops! Tonight, while I get my hair cut my dad said that he is going to bring my grandma over to “see the space” (and or help him finish the floor.)
Half way there!

I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful family and support system that is willing to help me with this project. I don’t know where I would be without them and I can’t wait until its finished and I can have a very special Friends and Family night for all of them to show my appreciation.

but until then, I always provide my helpers with the key ingredient to success,  a cold beer!
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Coming Soon?

As the summer slips away is almost comical that my initial goal was to be open by June 1st! I definitely underestimated how long construction takes and how many things go into making such a simple space turn into a beautiful studio boutique. So what is going on?!

Here’s the plan. We will be open for German Day, Sept 6-9 but it will not be finished. This is the busiest time of year and I just can’t focus enough time to working on the space. The final goal is to be finished and working in the space by Thanksgiving. “But thats almost 3 months from now!” – Yes… it is, but there is no way I’m going rush the finishing of the space that I’ve put way to much time and money into. I’m going to take my time, do it right, and make it perfect. We will have a grand opening party sometime in the winter.

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Looking more like a store and less like a crack house

For a while there the front of the studio was completely boarded up and very uninviting, however… as of Saturday… we’ve got fabulous new aluminum windows and a very professional door! I’m so excited!! Its all starting to come together and the contractor said that the interior should be complete by the end of next week and the exterior the week after!

Front of the New Studio Boutique as of June 2nd
Looking out the new windows!

That means my job comes in… To save some money I’ve opted to do all the finishing myself meaning, floors, painting, fixtures etc. And what I have in mind is going to take me some time… serious time. But I’ve got a week to prepare, so time to get back to work… dirndls don’t sew themselves. (but that would be really sweet)

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HalllooooOOoo…. ?! Anybody Here?!

The past week was relatively uneventful for the studio boutique. Not exactly sure what the hold up is, but I’m sure there is a very reasonable explanation. There were a few changes, the most noticeable of these being that the front is… well… gone! On Saturday, someone e-mailed me saying they noticed lots of work being done and I was very surprised. All week I would stop by and look around.. HallooOOOoo?! Anyone Here?! nope… nada…

Where has the front gone? Oh, in the dumpster.

But the big window in the bathroom is bricked up! Thats new.

The biggest work was the installation of a new I-beam. Now that the beam is installed and the store front won’t fall in on itself, we can get back to work… hopefully.

Yay! I-beam! (its the long maroon beam near the ceiling)

Side note: as it being May 23rd, and the studio boutique looks like this… Opening weekend will NOT be June 1st-3rd. I’ll keep you posted on the date because… well… I have no idea when it will be. (less stress for me if I just go with the flow and not try to plan things)

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