Customer Spotlight – Stephanie Albertz

Stephanie Albertz
Cincinnati, OH


2015-10-05I’ve always been very proud of my German heritage and am a frequent visitor to my hometown’s German festivals. So when I saw my dear friend and fellow customer, Jen Stolze, rocking a Rare Dirndl, I knew I wanted one. I had seen dirndls before and hadn’t really looked for one, until recently. I went onto the Rare Dirndl website, and instantly fell in love with the In Bloom dirndl. Now, I am not the fashion maven, but I do love lace overlay, and I loved how the lace looked against various colors and with different blouses. I love that I can dress it up in any way and make it my own, while still looking feminine. Once the cooler weather comes rolling around, I definitely plan on pairing my dirndl with my Chuck Taylors!
DSCN0002So I decided to order the In Bloom dirndl, with a blouse, skirt and apron. My favorite color is dark blue and I also loved the Damask print. I wore it for the first time to Cincinnati Donaschwaben’s Schwabenfest. I received so many compliments! It made me feel great to wear some of my favorite prints and colors, while showing off my German pride. Not to be outdone, I also wore my dirndl to an Irish punk concert (Flogging Molly, to be exact) that I had attended with a friend that night. Needless to say, the dirndl was a hit for the whole weekend!

How to Wear your Dirndl on Halloween like a Boss!

I love Halloween! Mostly because I LOVE dressing up in costume. But one of the things I dislike about Halloween are those dreadful “beer wench” costumes. (I suppose if you are going to wear one of those, Halloween is a better time than Oktoberfest… but they still make me vomit in my mouth a little bit.)

So to stop this madness, I’ve come up with a bunch of easy and creative costume ideas so you can wear your dirndl on Halloween like a Boss!


First… the In Bloom Dirndl makes a great starting point for so many costumes! I wore it last year when I dressed as a marionette! It can also be used for: Queen of Hearts, a Witch, & Snow White, just to name a few.marionette dirndl

Secondly… on the same note… The In Bloom Vest would be perfect to be the Joker, Red Riding Hood, or a Circus Ring Master. Both of these items can be used for so many great costumes, it’s really just a matter of thinking outside the box!

joker in bloom vest

If you want to go as a Disney Princess, The Day Break Dirndl would be a great option if you wanted to go as Anna from Frozen. You could also use the Royal Treatment Dirndl and go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.



Royal Elegance

The Tea Party Dirndl could be modified a bit with a light pink apron and pink puff-sleeve blouse to be Princess Peach from Mario Brothers.

DSC_1157princess peach

If you want to be a pirate the options are endless! You could again use the In Bloom dirndl or vest, but you could also use the “Smells Like Teen Spirit Dirndl” 

pirateSmells Like Teen Spirit1

And lastly… you could always wear your more traditional dirndl and be Maria von Trapp from the Sound of Music.

The bottom line is… don’t wear a teeny tiny costume that’s not a dirndl and instead get creative with your favorite Rare Dirndl pieces and win “Best Costume” at your Halloween party this year!

Not a Dirndl

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

100 Years of Beauty in Germany

100 years of beauty in Germany

My assistant Samantha found these videos from and brought them to my attention. The stylists, researchers and model go through 100 years of beauty styles in 1:35 minutes. It’s 100% worth the watch! I can’t decide what my favorite look is… I loved the 1920s and 1940s looks, but I also have to say the 2010s look is great too.

Ok… now that you’ve watched the 100 years of Beauty: Germany produced by, now you need to watch the 2 videos that explain the research behind the looks. I found these videos even more fascinating. The researcher, Christopher Chan explains why he chose certain looks for each decade. In this first video, he describes the looks from the 1910s to the 1940s and I think the most interesting is the reasoning behind the 1930s look, the pigtail braids.

In part II of the video series, he goes through the beauty looks from 1950-today. Again revealing what political, cultural and social trends led him to choose the looks. The best part of this video is seeing the differences in the looks between East and West Germany from the 1950s-1980s (and the 1980s is the most interesting of all!).

So now let’s hear from you! What was your favorite look? Did you think that there is a different look that would better represent a certain decade? Let’s get the conversation going in the comments!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now! 

How to Make Your Bavarian Hat Fit Better or Make a Hat Smaller

how to make your dirndl hat fit better

All of the hats on the Rare Dirndl website are a size 57 or 58 because it is the most common hat size. It is simply not practical for me to carry a large variety of sizes since they are so detailed and labor intensive. However, I got a great tip from my bff Ingrid on how to make a big hat “smaller” or make your hat fit more snuggly (so it won’t blow off your head should a big gust of wind come by).

Here are the things you’ll need.maing your hat smaller

Your hat

  1. First cut a piece of elastic approximately 6-7 inches in length.
  2. Pin one end of the elastic to the inner ribbon of the hat towards the middle/back.maing your hat smaller2
  3. Pin the other end of the elastic to the other side and try the hat on. You may need to move the ends of the elastic around once or twice to ensure that the fit is good for your head.maing your hat smaller1
  4. Then hand sew the elastic in place.maing your hat smaller3

That’s it! That was easy!!! When Ingrid told me about this trick I thought, “Genius!” She said that she does it to many of her hats even if they fit because then she is more comfortable wearing them on a windy day.c1a6d-jill

Click here to shop our hats and try this trick yourself if it doesn’t fit 100% perfect.

Do you have any tips or tricks for making your hats fit better? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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How Disney Princesses Celebrate Oktoberfest


I stumbled upon this blog post from and simply had to share! I  love how they paired up each Disney princess with her own Oktoberfest beer choice. While I would have chosen a few more German beers for these lovely ladies to drink, it’s a pretty accurate representation of their personalities. Enjoy!!

Alice – Delirium Tremens
She’s in her own wonderland. Having delusional interactions. Need we say more?

Anna – Glueh Kriek
This cherry ale served hot with spices is sure to thaw out Anna’s frozen heart. It’s just what she needs to get through the cold and save her sister from a desolate life!

Ariel – Corona
She’s found her own beach. And she’s “miles away from ordinary.” No doubt about it; it’s a Corona for this one.

Aurora – Russian River Pliny the Younger
She’ll kick off her shoes and put up her feet with this beer. At 11% abv, it’s no wonder she’s called the Sleeping Beauty.

Belle – Rose Petal Imperial Golden Ale
Is that a rose in my beer? Yes, Belle, it is. And you can touch this one. Someone get her a Rose Petal Imperial Golden Ale.

Cinderella – Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy
She rolls in a pumpkin, for god’s sake. We think she’ll like drinking one too. This beer tastes like pumpkin pie and will make her dreams come true.

Elsa – Coors Light
What’s the coldest thing in the world? Elsa is, of course, but so is Coors Light (or so their commercial says). We just know Elsa will feel at home with this beer.

Jasmine – Modern Times Fortunate Island
Whenever Jasmine wants to see a whole new world, we bet she gets wasted on a Modern Times Fortunate Island. Made with lush grapefruit, it’s refreshing, slightly exotic, and very unique. Yes, sounds about right.

Merida – Guinness Irish Stout
We know she’s not exactly from Ireland, but close enough? Besides, she’s unruly and does things her own way. Call her a little princess, and she might just throw her mug at your head!

Mulan – Tsingtao
She loves her country and would do anything for it. So, the only thing she’ll drink is a Tsingtao. Poor girl suffers so much for her homeland.

Pocahontas – Eel River Triple Exultation
It’s all natural and organic, and at 9.7% abv, it’s just what this badass Disney princess needs at the end of a long day. It might kick your butt, but she’ll drink it like water.

Rapunzel – Bud Light
She’s been sheltered all her life, knows nothing, and is like a child. We think she’ll stick with the entry-level Bud Light. Poor thing.

Snow White – Hoegaarden Original White Ale
It’s gotta be a white ale for the fairest of them all. We just know she got drunk off a six-pack of Hoegaarden before she fell into that deep slumber.

Tiana – Heineken
It’s all she can afford right now, but like the beer slogan says, “A better beer deserves a better can.” We think so, too, Tiana, so work hard and earn that better can!

Tinkerbell – Once Upon a Time East India Pale Ale
There’s a thing called the beer fairy (so says Urban Dictionary), but we bet Tinkerbell isn’t it. We just know this magical being ends her night with a nice bottle of Once Upon a Time East India Pale Ale.

Now that you know what these Disney gals are drinking, we want to know what your go-to beer is. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

*Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only. We do not own or claim to own or have any affiliation with any of the aforementioned beers or Disney characters.

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5 Things to Try for the Oktoberfest Newbie!

Things to try if your new to Oktoberfest

#5: Learn a some German phrasesgerman-language-15_l_7a873dad21a0de96German is actually not as hard to learn as people may think! Many words are very similar to English words. Many words are just a combination of 2-5 words put together and when reading, you simply sound it out… very very few silent consonants. Here are some fun phrases to get you started.

  • Hello! My name is Ingeborg. – Hallo! Ich heisse Ingeborg.
  • The weather is very nice today. – Das Wetter ist sehr schön Heute.
  • Where is the nearest beer garden? – Wo ist der nächste Biergarten?
  • Ah Shit! – Ach scheiße!
  • Would you like to dance with me? – Wollen Sie mit mir tanzen?
  • Goodbye! – Auf Wiedersehen!

#4: Taste a Bavarian Favorite

SchweinshaxeYou’ve probably had a pretzel and a bratwurst a time or two, but how about a Leberkäse, Spätzle or a Schweinshaxe? All of these are favorites among locals and are simply delicious. You can try to make them yourself, or find a German restaurant in your area and try theirs!

#3: Learning to Polka

rare dirndl polka

A polka is a fast-paced tune with 4 counts to the measure or also referred to as a 1,2,3 step. It’s not the easiest to master if you’re a beginner, but it’s worth a try. Once you’ve got the steps down, you’ll be hoping for every band to be playing a polka so you can show off your new dance moves! (for a bit more visual help, check out some of the fun… and sometimes funny YouTube tutorials)

#2: Drink Oktoberfest Beers!


Pretty much every Bavarian brewery and many US craft breweries have special Oktoberfest beers. These are usually amber in color, pack a bit more of a punch than your standard lager, and are perfect for the season! Head on over to your local German bar and start trying some new things like the Hacker Pschorr, Spaten, Weihenstephan, or Ayinger.

#1: Get an Oktoberfest outfit

Packers Dirndl

For men, a plaid trachten shirt and Lederhosen (leather pants) are the standard ensemble. For women, there is a bit more variety! Most women stick with the traditional Bavarian style dress, the dirndl, but some like to wear a blouse and shorter fitted lederhosen, maybe just jeans, a cute jacket and a hat, or perhaps a maxi skirt with a sweater and some fun Oktoberfest inspired jewelry. But no matter what you choose, Oktoberfest (whether in Munich, at a local brewery’s Oktoberfest, or your own themed party) it’s always more fun to dress up! And I know where you can get theses items… (cough*cough*wink*wink*)

However you decide to celebrate Oktoberfest this year, whether it be in Munich, at the local German bar or in your own backyard, be sure to include a few of these fun and funky things to try for Oktoberfest. It only comes once a year, so let’s make this season one to remember!

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The Cure for Cold Hands: The Official Beer Drinking Gloves

cure for cold hands- beer drinking gloves

Oktoberfest season is upon us and with that comes cooler weather. And with cooler weather comes cold hands! I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan. Cold hands are the worst! And the biggest culprit of making cold hands colder… cold drinks.

But not to fear.. the cure is here! I made some new gloves for that exact purpose. Sure, you can use them all winter long, but with the little beer steins and edelweiss on the trim, they are just the cutest gloves for cool Oktoberfest evenings.

drinking gloves1

Now, I know what your going to say, “But Erika… that light grey is going to get so dirty. What if I spill my beer on my new gloves?” No worries! They’re machine washable.

Quick story: Last year my sister Monika says, “Hey… my gloves are nasty… can I wash them?” I say, “I don’t see why not.” “Ok cool!” Next day… Monika calls, “Hey… guess what?” I say, “What?!” “I washed my gloves in one of those mesh bags and put them in the dryer and they’re perfect! And they even shrunk back to their original size!” “Sweet!” – so there you have it. You can wash them 🙂

Click here to order yours today. They are a limited edition and once I run out of the trim… that’s the end of the Beer Drinking Gloves. So if you love them, get your’s while they last.

Ausgezeichnet: the Ultimaten Resource guideLooking for a place to wear your Oktoberfest gear? Check out the first edition of Ausgezeichnet: The Ultimate Resource Guide. This guide is packed with great information about all things fashionably German, over 400 German Restaurants, Oktoberfests and German Festivals all over the US. Click here to get your copy FREE.